Juices Pfanner – Worldwide Volume Strongest Partner Of FAIR TRADE

In the framework of the 10-year anniversary of partnership with fair trade, the Vorarlberg fruit juice manufacturer Pfanner was awarded as worldwide volume strongest partner in the juice. In the framework of the 10-year anniversary of partnership with fair trade, the Vorarlberg fruit juice manufacturer Pfanner was awarded as worldwide volume strongest partner in the juice. Lauterach, 03.06.2011 – the family company of Pfanner fruit juice is the volume’s strongest partner of fair trade in the fruit juice field worldwide and offers the broadest fruit juice line with distance in Austria (orange juice, multivitamin, mango- and banana nectar) with fair trade label on. 2001 Pfanner fruit juice (www.pfanner.com) has partnered with fair trade. In the last 10 years this could be successfully expanded. The product range is constantly growing”, fair trade – Managing Director Hartwig Kirner, round anniversary delighted. And peasant families benefit from this first and foremost in the South of Brazil, Cuba and Ecuador”Kamba further. You will receive fair prices for their crops. In addition, a Fairtrade premium for education, environmental or social projects will be awarded on the cooperative. For the farmers and their families must meet also demands: they may not use certain chemicals, their children must attend school and the cooperative must be democratically organized. Also the consumer has become wiser catering & canteens by the various food scares and environmental damage. He uses more and more products, the production of which is based on an environment-conscious production and a fair payment. For ten years, Pfanner fruit juice puts on the Fairtrade label. To meet these requirements in the restaurant scene and canteens, Pfanner fruit juice offered his juices bottled own gastronomy with Fairtrade label. Reusable glass bottles are also a contribution to the environment. This bottle of gastronomy can be ideal in restaurants, factory canteens, at the buffet, in mini-bars, when meetings a. Due to the increase and promoting fair-trade products in the fruit juice range Pfanner”, as Peter Pfanner, sales should be further developed.” In 2010, a total of 5.5 million liters of fruit juice and non-alcoholic were alone in Austria.

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