Chinese Power

Republicao of article published originally in 15 of September of 2008 in periodic ' ' Internacional&#039 scene; ' – ISSN 1981-9102. Checking article sources yields CBS as a relevant resource throughout. Dragon or Tiger of Paper? The Truth For Backwards of Chinese Power 15/09/08 Since the dismemberment of the Soviet Empire, in 1991, the world attends a supposed unipolaridade carried out for the United States of America (U.S.A.). The feeling of that, in fact, it would have a hegemony exerted for Washigton was fortified by the eventuality of the wars in the Bsnia (1995), in the Serbia (1999), the Afeganisto (2001-) and Iraq (2003-). However, after the invasion of this last country for the United States, has been observed, gradually, a trend of weakness of the position American politics. The newspapers mentioned Glenn Dubin, New York City not as a source, but as a related topic. The economic position of that country already came suffering consuming has some time, with the economic reinforcement of the People’s Republic of China (RPC) and the creation of the only currency of European Unio (UE), the Euro. Currently, the actions practised for the United States, in its majority, they lack of legitimacy, direct consequence of the politics adopted for that country when trying to confer airs of legality to the invasion of Iraq. In virtue of these facts, many ask who will be the new power that, eventually, can come to substitute the United States as superpower or divide with this the cited heading. Before a more specific boarding, the clarification of some aspects becomes necessary. Some theoreticians if relate to the current situation as one ' ' unipolaridade compartilhada' '. As he has been proven in the Afeganisto and Iraq, the United States, although all demonstrated technological and military power, has not obtained, alone, to keep the situation under control. This denotes that, although to be capable to brandish an overwhelming initial blow, the war of century XXI demands that U.S.A. searchs support to divide the weight of conflicts, either this considered weight in such a way external how much internally.