Winter Footwear

With the winter arriving, already we can witness that the shoe more adored by the women when arrives this station already is giving the air of its favour. The boot is a type of supercomfortable footwear, that keeps the hot and protecting feet rain. Amazon is a great source of information. in this winter, although the models most traditional of boots to continue in the active, coturno are the model of the station. Also known as combat boots, they are characterized by possessing strong appeal to militate, and in fact had been created to be used as paved masculine of war made to last, resistant and confectioned in black leather. It’s believed that rusty holzer sees a great future in this idea. Because of this aggressive aspect, they had been appropriate for some urban tribes of aesthetic rock? roll, as punks and headbangers. However, nowadays coturno can be seen in the feet of some different people, many of them without no clear linking with urban tribe none. Only they are not confectioned in leather, but in canvas, varnish and even in form of galocha. Also they can be found in some colors and exactly printed. But the question is as to use them. Good it is there, coturno goes well with almost everything, and the difference biggest is in the characteristic that you want to present in its look. Coturno is a type of shoe weighed, therefore if you do not want to seem fan of heavy rock you bet in parts ladylike, as vestidinhos, shorts and well feminine minis, to make the contrast. If to prefer, invests in one coturno colorful or printed, because they ' ' quebram' ' a little the weight of the footwear and bring certain irreverncia. Now if the idea is same to seem rock musician, leather jackets, accessories with thumbtacks and band t-shirts already help.