Season Hunters

Every time he is everything contaminated more, there is animal species that are being extinguished, the planet Earth is being rebelled and they do not stop the floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, In addition the economic crisis is reaching to us to all. But in spite of all means million hunters, (according to mass media), they do not have problems, in spite of everything and now that the season of hunting has begun are spent in each montera 2000 or 3000 Euros, because they buy his rights to kill all the animal that are put to him ahead. Many people say that the hunters in season of hunting, creates many jobs. I am not in agreement with it because they could create those jobs with another form to amuse itself without having to kill the animal, because they do not do it by necessity but by the anxieties and enjoys to kill. Some also speak of ecological hunting, to whom they want to deceive? , to kill is to kill is not ecology, because the animal species they autorregulan single and they do not need to anybody it exterminates so that them but the hunters are contributing to the extinction of many animal species These hunters by all means who do not have crisis because among them there are problems of unemployment nor of no poverty, but take their free days for this activity since its level of wealth allows it.