The Next Step

Thus, in my last occupational period stopped going to my patients and their parents, the needs that went beyond prescribing a medication or try to find a diagnosis. Additional information is available at Leslie Moonves. Only I saw it almost a year after I retired when I started reading about the syndrome and could self-diagnose and understand my change. Can not imagine how I would go for each of those patients who did not attend as they should, to offer my apologies! I can not do so, first because I have no access to the files of these patients and secondly because I live too far from my homeland. This knowledge drove me to write these lines to ask all those who read them to be more understanding with physicians in general. They are human beings and can be as sick as I was without knowing it. Do not think that because doctors know everything. Nothing is further from the truth! Patients in general tend to think that the doctor did not pay proper attention they deserve. And is not that they are right in many cases. What happens is that the practitioner may be going through a difficult period in your life that you can not see the needs that his patient, and perhaps, when you realize you no matter what happened to me can not apologize or amend failure. I believe the vast majority of those who have chosen this profession have as its main goal, "Help." If we fail is not voluntary. Not in most cases. Of course there will always be exceptions like in any rule. Therefore I reiterate to all who read this article which is more lenient the next time you see one of them and not criticizing it out and seeing only the negative. Sometimes the pressure we experienced in our profession is so great that it prevents us from reasoning clearly. There is a life at stake in our hands and that if it is not something simple! Today I'm on the other hand, went from being a professional, a simple patient and perhaps that's why my vision is different. Remember, reflect upon and understand. Perhaps we all learn to see the other side of things that are not always visible.

Ginger Jam

Fall, of course, a beautiful time of year, that's just a pity that it comes with depression, colds and … haunting desire to eat something tasty and plenty. Ginger – a kind of panacea for the above afflictions. Try to introduce into your diet this spice at least one month, and the result will surprise you. First you need to buy a ginger root or ginger powder (it is sold at stores in regions of spices). Here's how to use it – we will tell. Residents of a favorite delicacy of Chinese love China candied ginger. And not only in the unusual taste of this delicacy. In their view, it lifts the mood better than chocolate. Council. Peel and slice slices ginger root, place in pan with cold water zaley. Boil 30 minutes, until tender. Slay the water, sugar, ginger, grist and sprinkle with water. Then add a jar, cover and refrigerate. If you feel that the simple Autumn – period of exacerbation of acute respiratory disease. Here are some ways to help protect the body from using ginger root .. Cut a small amount of ginger (about half a centimeter) and the peel, put in your mouth. Piece of ginger to suck up until tingling sensation does not disappear. TIP When the effect of essential oils will decrease slightly ginger bite. Bars extend its therapeutic effect. The first symptoms of colds accept ginger bath. 2.3 table spoons of the powder in 1 liter boil water for 10 minutes, then pour the broth into the bath. Treatment time – 15-20 minutes. TIP: After the bath, do not take a shower. Wrapped in a bathrobe or a towel – and immediately under the covers! And if you advance to make tea with honey and lime drink after him bath – then the next day you will feel just fine. Ginger – beautiful immunomodulator. 1 tsp. spoon of ginger juice with a co-pour, taken before meals, help get rid of a sore throat. TIP: Fresh ginger keep in the refrigerator, put it first into the container. Cellophane for these purposes is not recommended. Ginger Jam is recommended for colds, coughs and indigestion. Jam can be prepared at home. TIP: In a 250 ml kindle water 0.5 cups sugar, 1 table spoon of ginger juice and boil until thick syrup. Then add a pinch of grated nutmeg and saffron. Read women's magazine.