Google In Internet Strategies To Promote Its First Mobile Phone, The Internet

The idea for this entry is to tell you how Google is using the various platforms available on the Internet, to promote and sell their new and first mobile phone Nexus One Worldwide is taking a couple of years a trend for companies looking to have greater Internet presence and begin to take advantage of various existing web platforms to meet their business objectives. No stranger to this trend and to promote and sell the Nexus One Google adopts a strategy that includes: Creating a that lets you know the most prominent features, technical specifications and take a 3D tour. Generally feature interactive proposal, that while it is nothing new and novel, allows you to have a good approximation to the dimensions of the phone and its main features. Open an account at that chance to get the phone features and functionality, show links to videos, and in turn begin to get feedback from the public with questions like yQue property Nexus One of your favorite?. Twitter account and currently has over 7300 followers. Develop a channel to supplement the proposal with videos. Users are observed interacting with the phone with both the Software as part of the Hardware. I think it makes a more humane approach to the product and seen the hands of real people (not black and white drawings on the Web site). Write in your articles. Personally, I want that type of note as it is there that I can read a person from the company explaining why many decisions they make, what their objectives are, etc. Creating a to buy the phone service through Google Checkout. The Nexus One will be sold at first only by the Internet and a few countries. And why can it be? … Like so many other companies will probably use the Google web store to reduce costs, increase sales, solve problems of logistics and distribution, etc.