Martin Luther – History

Martin Luther. Born on the 10.11.1483 in Eisleben. Luther’s ancestors were farmers, his father was a miner and later Alderman has so a trace deep no personality in Germany such as Martin Luther. And in the course of time, his influence grew more and more. The German intelligence was educated up to the first world war on Luther. Luther has the people the most important made – the language. Along with the Bible, Martin Luther has been twelve long years worked on the translation. The famous brown spot shows in the Wartburg fortress in the room where Luther started this difficult work, today still a famous Brown stain on the wall. Anyone who wants to know what means this spot, must take time and just listen. One tells the story of this love. While Martin Luther worked at the factory, the devil appeared, at the same time, Martin threw an inkpot in his direction. Embodiment of the difficulties, it could be that this vision was an embodiment of the difficulties, which he joined as a translator. But in all likelihood the feeling was really, that he had something to do with the devil. He saw the devil, even if only in his imagination, but for him, this figure was so close and so real, that he thought it was for real. The miners came from the family of the miners who Martin Luther from the family, and the miners were very superstitious and persistent. They told many interesting among themselves and, above all, very exciting events that were associated with the devil. The feat – translation of the Bible this combination of its properties, you must also also the genius score, Luther helped in the completion of the feat – the translation of the Bible. The first edition of the German Bible – the book with grey leather, with closures made of metal can be seen in the University Library of Wroclaw (Breslau), behind the iron doors of the book Chamber. It is the old testament in German by Martin Luther (Wittenberg). The book illustrated by Martin Luther’s friend. He lived and worked in Wittenberg. The wonderful feeling for the language working on the translation of the Bible, Luther has discovered a wonderful feeling for the language. In some years, spread this language in all over Germany and was increased up to the common literary language. The language of the people of Martin Luther hired themselves to learn the native language of the mother in the House, with the children on the road, at ordinary people on the market. The language of the people, he had to hear and speak as well. Just so you will understand it best, just so everyone will understand well, that one speaks german with him. Our God – indestructible fortress the art of public speaking can you tell in his sermons, in writing. In the polemical writings, Martin Luther of the General rudeness not out of the way, is that at the same time repel as well as attract. Supporting himself on the tradition of folk songs, Luther created the religious hymns and Psalms. Martin Luther had much like music, and his songs were always melodic. He has the Lutheran church hymn “Our God – indestructible fortress” written.