First Parliament

Independent Ukraine is now in the stage of maturity. 18 years is not that a little time for people and for the state's largest in Europe, this is a definite milestone in the world. Possible after this time to make certain findings and may suggest what would happen next. And so, as a man to share life state in the specified time frame. Infancy. As in humans, this time period is very rare deposited in the memory. Since Ukraine is not known how and what was happening and who is doing everything. Still, 24 August 1991 the country received as a long-awaited independence and with it, as it assumed a lot of privileges. Appeared first President, First Parliament, the first government. Independence is gained. But with the economy all turned out much worse. She was a consumptive state since obtaining independence came in full decline, if not tell a complete collapse. Old and tested with former Soviet republics are broken, new ones are not instituted, and the policy of the new wave is not able to do so. As a result, we walk with outstretched hands and ask for alms from fatcat West. And when the really bad become, eats what's left of the great Soviet empire. That is so broken and hungry, without a specific direction, we enter into childhood. Childhood. I guess it's the most wonderful time for a person who remembers everyone with a sinking heart. And in Ukraine it was the most wonderful time, although for a specific and narrow circle of persons. Came to power, the second president, the country got its own currency. Against the background All these positive points are brazen redistribution of property. Note the property, inherited by the sweat and blood of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. But for the bureaucrats, and the latter-day business is irrelevant. In the eyes only only zeros after the decimal point and more of them, the better. And do not care that the gap between ordinary people and elites only increases do not care what all the wealth is not created by them, spit them on the common man, more importantly, what would I was good. Officials felt complete freedom from all-powerful hand of Moscow, and realized finally that only they are complete masters and landlords village called Ukraine. That's when was genuine and the best trade – the official said.