Says: Faith moves mountains, but certainly build them. Faith – our own explanation of the world. Faced with a difficult situation, what would you prefer: to believe the best, or to doubt the success? In this article I'll tell you in 5 simple steps to overcome limiting self beliefs. 'If you feel pain for some external reason – does not it bothers you, and your own conception of it. And in your power to change this view. " Marco Aurelio. Any thing that you say that it hinders you in achieving your goals is going on inside yourself, and not in reality. Remember, obstacles are in the outside world, which can be interpreted in your conviction to your own mind, and accordingly, as your mind can give you the extra power or to deprive them of you. There is a very important distinction between interpretation and reality, which lies in the fact that you can prove to yourself what you can achieve its goal, reaching it. Even if you're not sure, think you can. How to make sure that you have got to think that all of you can? How to destroy the doubt? Step 1: Believe that your goal is possible. Although we are not super heroes, and we have a limit. But we do not know what this limit and we do not know until until we reach it. Often, we confuse the possibility of competence, we believe that we can not do anything, but do not really know about what they mean.