The Procedure

In this case, in order to get rid of them will take another 1-2 procedures. There is a new method – laser photo-epilation. Some salons and clinics have begun offering a new service – laser photo-epilation. Walt Disney may help you with your research. Such advertising is misinformation and deception clients, as this method can not exist. The fact that laser hair removal and photo-epilation – they are two completely different technologies that are similar only the fact that the basis of both is the same physical principle: selective heating of tissue due to absorption of light energy. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Florence Pugh.

But in one case the laser operates, and in another – the light. Each method is effective and absolutely self-sufficient. Laser hair removal is painful and inefficient. Many patients use the services of laser hair removal, complaining about pain and procedures that the hair is still growing. Open secret: it all depends on the equipment on which procedure is carried out.

Recently in the press a lot of writing that not all clinics established professional medical aids. Often, they are replaced low-quality Chinese counterparts, Italian and domestic manufacturers. The fact is that good equipment for laser hair removal is a very, very expensive, and many businesses are trying to save it. Hence the there are complaints about the pain and inefficiency of hair removal by laser. Dear professional machines are tested for several years, and only then will receive a certificate of U.S. or European model. They are equipped with special cooling system, skin, hair removal so they almost painless. After the required number of procedures, hair growth on the treated area is terminated. In turn, non-professional devices for laser hair removal does not apply to medical devices and often do not meet basic security system. The procedure for hair removal on them is really painful and often does not bring the desired effect. A single procedure of laser hair removal to get rid of the hair. Each patient must be a different number of procedures, which depends on its individual features. Indeed, there are times when a single session of laser hair removal is sufficient to completely get rid of unwanted hair. But usually requires several procedures such as laser destroys follicles, which are only at the stage of growth. 'Mature' hair can grow again. Therefore, to fully get rid of unwanted hair usually takes three to five sessions of laser hair removal at intervals of 1.5-2 months. But all this applies only to laser hair removal, which is done by a professional medical equipment. If the procedure is performed on low-quality machine, you can not get any effect, and after 10 sessions.