Tretin Cream

Some patients with inflammatory acne lesions have many (or internal hard seed). In these cases, an anti-inflammatory infiltrates within the lesion using a special syringe that injects the drug through the air, do not click. This syringe is called Dermojet. Local treatments Many local treatments to control acne. Rely on substances such as sulfur, benzoyl peroxide and retinol. We prefer a local treatment with salicylic acid or Tretin Cream.

Tretin Cream is used in the prevention and treatment of wrinkles, but is also used for more than 25 years in the treatment of acne. Tretin Cream should be applied every night after cleansing facial. The amount of cream to be applied is minimal, usually two balls the size of a pea, which will permeate the whole face, including eyelids. After treatment, it is recommended that patients continue using this cream forever, because of its beneficial effects on the skin are significant. It is normal that the first applications to produce a bit Tretin dryness, redness and irritation of the skin, particularly around the mouth, although this tends to disappear as it continues to apply the cream as the skin gets used. The dryness is beneficial for patients with acne, as it cleans the skin. If you are uncomfortable with dry do not use moisturizers very fatty, it is best to consult a dermatologist the type of moisturizer to be used. In patients with excessive facial fat may be useful to mask the use of astringent to be applied two times a week for a few minutes and is removed with water and soap.

Internal treatment) Oral antibiotics for acne are used because they decrease inflammatory acne bacteria from the hair follicles which act on the sebum. The most commonly used are tetracyclines (doxiten, Minocin, etc.).. They have a slow action that begins to be observed at 6 weeks. Should be taken with water (not milk) and before meals. b) Female hormones and acne treatment Reduce the size of the glands sebaceous and therefore the amount of sebum, reducing the potential for airway obstruction. Improvement is slow but marked mu SES Director of Internet GROUP