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In 2004 honored by the Governor’s Committee on Scholastic Achievement for his work towards promoting academic excellence in New York City – has been a member of major companies This paper draw from the digital library tech seemed training to me quite relevant to the subject. Research Methodology This chapter describes the methodology used during the research anddevelopment to construct reality, past and present, laexperiencia experienced by the organization in the early stages of initiation and design of knowledge management laestrategia of .3.1. InvestigacionEsta type is qualitative research, specifically aprofundar interview, as it tries to reconstruct reality and is based on their harvest without numerical measurement todatabases through a series of interviews. This will agree with what you mentioned Hernandez, Fernandez and Baptista Twitter (2003) .3.2. Model propuestoEl proposed model is formulated with reference to the idea of observing the before and eldespues a knowledge management adoption by unaorganizacion. The model is formed by elements, which are related entresi and thus represents its interaction. The elements conformanel model are: ‘Tacit’ Persons’ Organization ‘Skills development’ Knowledge Management ‘Knowledge Management Experts’ Knowledge Management Strategy’ Business Strategy ‘ResultadosLas relationships between the elements are the following: tacit knowledge Persons: This relationship is set modeloporque is the people in that tacit knowledge is found. Tacito Elconocimiento not closely related to other items already in quesolo people can find this kind of strategy knowledge. People Organization: Similar to the previous relationship, the organizations would be satisfied by people. Through people is that there is a link entreel tacit knowledge and the organization. Skills development Knowledge Management: develop-ment of competencies is a way to manage the knowledge that there espor this relationship. Management Knowledge management experts delconocimiento The experts in knowledge management are knowledge management quienesdominan. Knowledge Management Experts Knowledge Strategy deadministracion: delconocimiento management experts can provide, with his mastery of the coaching administration delconocimiento and in collaboration with the organization, a strategy of deadministracion knowledge. Organization Knowledge Management Strategy: Telecommunications Satellite with their experience, needs skills and strengths can generate, innovation incooperationwiththe with experts in knowledge management, a knowledge management estrategiade. Organizacion Business Strategy: The organization has unaestrategia business which is the guide to the activities the organizaciondebe leaders do to achieve customer service their goals. In this model shows that business laestrategia also supported by a strategy of knowledge administrationof. Knowledge Management Strategy Business Strategy: The strategy of knowledge management strategy complements denegocio and guide the activities the organization must take management to achieve susobjetivos to support knowledge management. Business Strategy Results: Telecommunications Satellite business strategy, complemented by delconocimiento management strategy produces results.