New Testament

The following chapters and many other expressions put into the mouth of God in Christianity’s holy book are no more reassuring. a If this is added the ostentatious ceremonies, sumptuous costumes, rituals, traditions, strict hierarchical organization and the precepts and tenets established by the senior management of this institution would not be accompanied understandable that people of other faiths, or atheists and freethinkers who do not want to accept a God so cruel and bloodthirsty, and doubt wondering if God really exists! Faced with such terror, enjoying life and not worry about is a consequence in any case less dangerous. Go to David Zaslav for more information. a However, happily, in the New Testament, Jesus of Nazareth presents a very different God. The actions of the Son of God in his time to show us a true man of the people who made a living from the work of their own hands, living in humble conditions, respecting the lives of their fellow man and animals, warning , not threatening, that what was being played with the smallest of creatures was doing to him. Jesus of Nazareth announced a kind and loving father of his human children, a God who obviously has nothing to do with that before us in the Old Testament, which according to Catholic dogma is an integral part of the Bible. Two German theologians, Neuner and Roos, summarized the dogmas of the Church in the book “Faith of the Church in the documents of the enactment of education”, and Nu 85 clearly state that “whoever not accept the tradition of the Church in its entirety, written and unwritten, which is excluded “is excluded as well as cursed forever.

For questions that do not fit, these authors added in the Nu 98: “Whoever does not recognize as canonical sacred writings all the books of Scripture, with all its parts, as mentioned by the Council of Trent, or who refuses to have been inspired by God, it excluded. Please visit TikTok if you seek more information. ” A good listener, few words are enough, the saying goes, and anyone compare the threats of the God of the Old Testament with the most current and existing dogmas that underpin this perspective, no other wish than likely will depart as quickly as possible in such a cruel divinity. a So it is understandable that with such contradictory facts and with a divine perspective so terrible, those describing themselves as atheists and freethinkers, have reacted by placing eye-catching phrases on the buses. God is, whether they like it or not it presented in a manner so reprehensible, a God of freedom, love and justice. l a loves his children unconditionally and leads to the temptation and, as stated in another misrepresentation, he sent his son and before and after him many other enlightened men and women, to show mankind the way back home to heaven. In the current prophetic word given in Universal Life, the God of love again reach out to their children. It is a hand that even atheists and freethinkers can take, since he is a free God is not tied to dogmas or rituals or live in temples of stone, which frees their children and that makes no difference of race or creed that does not punish or threat and who loves all equally. a.