CMS is an integral part of large corporate Web sites where content changes frequently. The presence of a content management system, among other things, also explains the difference in price between the corporate and simple business card site. There is a free CMS (for example, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.) as well as commercial products (1C-Bitrix, NetCat, UMI.CMS) cost from $ 150 and above. Some open-source control systems can be difficult to master without a basic knowledge of programming. Pay is calculated on a simple CMS user.

Open source free systems allow programmers to more easily customize them to meet specific requirements or to find many more ready-made modules. However, this also makes a free opensource CMS more vulnerable to hacking. Therefore, for online stores and other projects where the information is a trade secret, it is better to use a reliable paid solutions. Functionality: cereal butter will not spoil the most simple in structure is online business card. It is usually updated infrequently, occupies a small volume and does not contain a content management system.

Static html-pages of the site have a high 'durakoustoychivostyu' ie reliability. No one will leave comment spam or break the user's data (which simply does not). Online business card without a MySQL database is undemanding to the conditions of hosting. In some cases, you can save on the hosting, posting a few sites in a calling plan. However, a static business card site is deprived of important element of interactivity that is close interaction with visitors.