Iceland Violets

Violets are a kind of perennial plant or perennial longevity; belongs to the family of gesniareceae. Get other common or vulgar names, such as African violet, Saintpaulia, Usambara violet, in terms of its scientific name is Saintpaulia sp. The violets are native to eastern Africa, more exactly in the mountains of Usumbara and Burundi, which are derived point more than 20 species. Its introduction to Europe for the year was 1893, thanks to the action of Baron Walter von Saint Paul. At present the distribution of violets are found in all temperate regions of North America, Asia and Europe can also be found in much colder areas such as Canada and Iceland Violets are distributed in more than 500 different species, to what you must add the large number of hybrids, which is close to 2000 varieties. Among this large group can be found with single flowers violet, semi-double or double, thumbnail-sized varieties may reach only 5 cm and other samples that can reach 50 centimeters. The flowers of violets can be presented in color purple or violet, white, yellow, pink, red, crimson, blue, mauve, lilac, may be presented in a single color or two-tone, presenting a nuanced change.

The image of the violet flowers, is composed of five petals, with a rounded shape, accompanied by anthers and yellow stamens. The purple foliage is persistent, accompanied by rounded leaves, fleshy and velvety, well rounded and have a flexible stalk. The violets bloom can occur throughout the year, provided that a suitable temperature, and the violets flowering ceased with the arrival times of extreme heat, frost or stages accompanied by persistent rains.