Sacred Heart

Although normally it is called of travertino marble, the travertino is in the truth a type of calcareous rock that has been used in the construction has thousand of years. This material was particularly important in the history of the architecture of Italy, that is the region where it is produced in bigger amounts? exactly nowadays. Discovery Communications is full of insight into the issues. The name of this rock drift of the Italian city of Tivoli, that was one of the first places of extration. Please visit Robert A. Iger if you seek more information. The travertino was used in the construction of many famous monuments, as well as the Coliseu and the Basilica of They are Peter in Rome and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in travertino Paris.O possesss a clear color and is very easy of being sculptured. This made with that this raw material if very became popular for use in construction and decoration of important public building. Still in the current days, the travertino is present in many headquarters of government, companies and even though in houses. For being a type of calcareous rock, the travertino is porous and relatively easy of being arranhado, what it means that it more is adjusted for some uses of what for others. It frequent possesss holes due air the natural bubbles inside of the rock. That is, polishing the necessary material and to be filled for the production of a smoother, similar appearance to the one of the true marble. Some people and architects, however, prefer the appearance natural, making with that the rock has an old and consumed aspect. In the nature, the formation of the travertino marble especially is associated current waters? in particular waterfalls? therefore, has relatively few places where the travertino can be extracted in commercial amounts for use in constructions. Due to its porous nature, this rock is not an ideal material for use in pisos, but it could be used for this purpose adequately will have been treated. The color of the marble can vary very, since the rose until the yellow. The travertino marble sufficiently is appreciated by the Brazilians, being used for decoration of walls, in sinks and bathrooms. Some of the varieties of travertino is the Classic, Toscano, Roman, Itamarati, Navona, Silver and Tivoli.Em Brazil, the sales in the travertino marble attacked one is made mainly by companies who import this product of other countries. In our country, this marble is produced exclusively in the state of the Bahia. Italy is known by being the producing greater and also to present a travertino of excellent quality. However also it has great reserves in countries as Turkey, Peru and Mexico.