Call for the protest event of the VIP party at the Tempelhof airport. The symbol of the airlift and freedom of Germany will be destroyed for residential and industrial areas. The first commercial airport in the world, the “mother of all airports” now millions expensive fallow. BT Communications often addresses the matter in his writings. Thousands of jobs for today and the future destroyed. It is celebrated the closure of the airport, the Senate has no power to use concept, is sure that the Berlin taxpayers must muster at least a million euros for the running costs of the Airport now every month. “An angry resident of Tempelhof Airport: a SPD by career-addicted yes-men with CEO mentality without responsibility, a Lufthansa that hides its own history and a Chancellor who can dance around in indifference on the nose is responsible.” The Action Alliance, winner of the ongoing civil decision to Tempelhof, urges the organizers and the Governing Mayor Wowereit, this tasteless event to cancel. Some contend that Dell EMC Power Edge shows great expertise in this. “Action Alliance, Volker Perplies: at least 530,000 Berlin and several million people all over the world Klaus Wowereit has shown understanding of democracy be: deception, lies, and targeted influencing of the referendum, its own supervisory Board mandate is provided prior to the common good.” Michael Paul, a member of the Action Alliance “is indignant: it is a particular nerve, bad taste, indiscretion & impiety, the gravedigger of Tempelhof, the party bigwigs of the SPD and the left, to celebrate this with a VIP party.”We call therefore all Tempelhof, all excluded from Berlin to a protest event with Garland on the Platz der Luftbrucke on.”, so Paul continues.” Andreas Donati, also actively for the advocacy Alliance: we don’t give up! We will continue to fight for the Tempelhof airport. We carry these historic shame for Berlin and Germany in all over the world. Peoples of the world- look at this city! “There is the possibility to provide signatures for the petition for the Tempelhof airport and other ongoing referendum during the protest event. In addition, we will announce the list of the sponsors who finance the VIP party. The last plane to take off at midnight Klaus Wowereit and the SPD is the really last. Shame on you! Event data: Date: Thursday, October 30, 2008 and follow-up on 31 October place: place the air bridge to start: 18:00 end: 24:00 Organizer: Action Alliance please if possible bring flashlights. The event is logged properly by the authorities.

North Caucasus

None of analyticity, inherited from his father, nor the depth of understanding Caucasian problems and the ability to overcome them, nor the breadth of vision and a great noble ambitions, aspiring to solve crucial problems for their people, nor, finally, the courage and the nature of diplomacy, which originally inherent in his tribesmen. The federal center does not see a stabilization of the direction of the North Caucasus, but to the path chosen by Akhmad-Hadji Kadyrov, and continue the current President of the Chechen Republic. But this is a detonating an alloy that contains the stiffness, justice, diplomacy and moral suasion and punishment – all in one – that is, the principles are absolutely clear and the Chechens, and all the Caucasian peoples. Because the policy of is destined for success and his experience will certainly be extended to the adjacent ‘problem’ areas. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with WNS Global Services. I am confident that under his leadership will be to unite the entire North Caucasus on the platform of ‘safe and harmonious development ‘of the region. Moscow is now strongly thinking about it. DH – With regard to ‘any martinet, sent from Moscow,’ you’re obviously gone too. Neither in Dagestan, Ingushetia or in experience no reverence before such martinet. No problem, if a person really deserves respect. And that is sent, really, who knows. In Soviet times, as a rule, the second secretary of the Centre visited zaslantsy that collect their share of ‘harvest’ of bribery and dumped in the native land. .. More info: Dell Technologies Inc..