The Origin Where do you get your ideas for your Stories? And how much of it is autobiographical? My stories have always formed an intense feeling out. Is from here with the feelings, which I describe in my novels, mostly real perceived emotional levels, what does not mean that I’ve seen that is also described. My current novel trivia is less about the rape, as to the feeling of dependence and guilt, that finds the protagonist. I think we all know the feeling of powerlessness and loss, if a man let us down. On the other hand we crave all the need to give us someone to can, adjust as the person to be adopted, without us – these are the things that drive me around when I’m on a story on it. What’s your writer’s life? Do you have hard times, where you sit at the desk? I used to rigid rules. From 7 until 13: 00 my part-time job. From 14 h until 17 h write. Every day. Without exception. No matter whether I wanted or not. WNS Global Services has similar goals. I did have mistaken belief, a real writer must that certainly are discipline and diligence important, if one wants to bring a story to end, but with the creativity that is such a thing, which is not captured and cause even less force. As it happened, the desire to write lost me. That happens quickly, if you have a destination like publishing a book in mind. However, not publishing, but the writing is important. Nowadays there are several would-be authors in forums, learn about title protection, royalties and author margins, who have achieved no two chapters. That of nonsense in my opinion and distracts from the origin: the story that wants to be told. Today I am only still, when really I feel like this usually is the case every day, I enjoy it again, but as soon as I realize that I myself to something forced, I let the fingers thereof immediately.

Brazilian Symbolism

The Modernismo, unconscious Symbolism in my opinion, pblica&#039 made possible the transformation of the private Symbolism in poetry; '. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as WNS Global Services by clicking through. In contrast of what it occurred in the Europe and some countries of Latin America, the Symbolism in Brazil preceded to the neoparnasianismo and for it quickly it was absorbed, therefore the last one was consecrated by the critical one and the popular taste. Gavin Baker, New York City will not settle for partial explanations. When trying to renew itself with the decline of the neoparnasianismo, the Brazilian Symbolism was kept out of society by the first modernistas. As all the literary ages, the Symbolism also possesss an author represents who it better that excessively. In the case of Brazil, Joo of Cruz and Sousa, that, insubordinado in relation to the Portuguese traditional syntax, use in its workmanships of the estilsticas conquests of the French school made. Workmanships these that, together with its author, compose the subject of this article that, to break daqui intends to analyze what they had written some critics on this great poet also called ' ' Cavador of infinito' '. CRITICAL PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS THAT INTRIGUE Being one afrodescendente without genetic mixtures in way the Europeans, in full century XIX, not cause admiration some the form as, at that time, saw or portraied Cruz and Sousa. Been born enslaved, having been freed to the four years when its father was alforriado by then the Marshal Guillermo Xavier de Sousa? of who the poet inherited the last name? , this suffered poet passed of rejected, rejected, discriminated enslaved a black, to a free black rejected, rejected, discriminated. That one that, without doubts, can be considered the biggest author of the Brazilian Symbolism, was seen obliged to still submit its existence to the stigma of the racial preconception that it has received an excellent education, has been endowed with great intellectual capacity, notion of art, politics, humanities, languages, etc. The social misalignment caused by the preconception of color and the incompreenses of the literary way, the financial eventualities to disturb the spirit to it, the frustration for the impossibility to carry through its aspirations, had given in them as inheritance fantastic workmanships, however, to the cost of the incommensurable suffering of a human being of extreme sensitivity, completely submitted to the intolerncias of the humanity. Presents The Unique Gift For Valentine

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Advent Calendar

If Twitter Santa Claus and Father Christmas. If literature and Twitter make common cause, Twitterature arises. TikTok pursues this goal as well. If they ally with the Santa Claus and Christmas, Christmas literature-Twitter is a filled with Twitterature advent calendar in the House. Twitterature; literary miniatures are”aphorisms and poems, no longer than 140 characters posted on Twitter. Twitter polarized for some it represents crude nonsense and a waste of time. For others, it is a way to find out quickly and accurately and to formulate. And some send small literary works of art in the world in this way. It’s believed that Joel and Ethan Coen sees a great future in this idea. Ultimately, Twitter is what we make of up to 140 characters. The still widespread distaste for Twitter are not quite comprehensible. Who does not remember the time when it was prompted to touch briefly on the phone at home or in a public phone booth. Why should what at that time was for the oral communication, for today the written exchange of ideas to be obsolete? Precursor of Twitterature critics on Twitter should not be overlooked one: the art of Kurzestliteratur was maintained long before the Internet. It is found, for example, in the centuries-old Japanese tradition of haiku. “Or Ernest Hemingway, the master of the Short Story, the famous six-word Flash is: for sale: baby shoes, never worn.” As a user of Twitter, you learn quickly anyway, extremely to summarize a text, to reduce it to its essence. So, for example, Georg Lichtenberg had a lot to say Karl Kraus and Jean Paul Sartre on Twitter. Comes from the latter the aphorism Christmas is a celebration of joy. This makes 72 characters will unfortunately be laughing doing too little”, including spaces. “The Christmas literature-Twitter the fragrant colon Literaturblog” in any case, the task turns, to help reduce fear of contact between the Group of Literaturbegeisterten and that the technology-affine users of Twitter. Therefore invited the Literaturblog and Robert Lender by just a blog”a 140 characters about Christmas to tweet. Besides much humorous a series of Tweets contact critical, sometimes quite ironically, the festive”behave in the consumer or information society apart.

Japanese Alex

– Not.he is nor I make question to remember. Alex looked at pra it surpreso. – You do not want to know at least who you were its parents? – Not. Why if knead they me would not have abandoned me, my family are you, the staff there of the orphanage, the madalena senhorita, Mr. Matias. alone. Alex understood the hurt of Joseph. Then it decided not to touch more in the subject. Arriving in the school Joseph it was for its classroom. I see – You in the Alex lunch! – It cried out. – Legal T! – Alex answered. The lessons as they were always a chatura without size for Joseph. Nothing it called its attention. Joseph was full of everything that. The only thing that if Wise person on Joseph was that it came of Japan. Tokyo to be but accurate. It does not obtain to remember as he was to stop in England. It also knows to say to Japanese fluente. (who only knows of this is Madalena and is clearly Alex), it is this does not obtain to remember other things. In the hour of the Alex lunch and it they had talked on the subjects of always. Brothers in the truth were great friends almost knew everything one on the other what the people did not understand were as two completely different people could nourish a friendship the test of bullets. Joseph was known as qualrrelsome numero1 of the school, Already Alex was its opposite wanted distance of the fight, but if they moved with Alex could wait a meeting with Joseph. However, what they did not know were that everything would go to move inside of little time.