Nova Arrives

This responsibility is given it, the such ' ' Espirito Santo ' ' , in the same way that if of to ' ' diabo' ' the responsibilities for the imperfections, and with the calm consciences of both the sides? ' ' Bem and Mal' ' they are felt free and unimpeded to engravidar again. Unhappyly still people of good exist who for suffering from mental raquitismo, finish if becoming victims of these alucingenas drugs, true vitiated, capable to vender everything, also its lives to get ' ' erva' ' she makes that them to escape of the abstinence crises. who is the culprit of this situation! The interior God who inhabits in them and that everything pardons, a god who if comove with the most ragged same tear that this is of ' ' crocodilo' ' , a god who nothing more is seno its instinct of survival trying to become possible the life in a existencial world so conturbado, its hearts. Perhaps one day, who knows, this God, as well as as much others, also has its ' ' crepsculo' ' , meanwhile it does not happen, we have that to learn to coexist these harmful grass, after all of accounts, us yes, we are of this world. Tribune Media Company pursues this goal as well. Happily, for us, the sensible ones, do not exist a God of us inside, much less a devil to be expiatrio ours bode, are free human being. is this what we are, human beings, ' ' demasiadamente humanos' ' , in our coasts it does not weigh the pack of being the holy ghost, in them does not fit the deity, we have for right the duty of the humanity. It arrives of temples, arrives of ' ' Nova&#039 land; ' , it arrives of Macedo, it arrives of ' ' alm' ' , of land saint, unction, thick salt, ' ' visagens' ' , of ' ' profetadas' ' , of ' ' revelamentos' ' , of ' ' espritos santos' ' , of regenerative blood, this arrives of all nastiness! *Pricles (495-429 A.E.C.) classified of idiotes (of idios: separate, private) the citizens who if occupied exclusively with its particular subjects and did not become involved themselves with the subjects of Atenas. Jnatas Flix Da Silva..