Great Business Results

And a newsletter reaches that goal over and over again. Week after week. 4. My personal share and sales increase when I share about my personal life. When I post photos and humanize me before my potential customers. It connects people to see there is a human behind that page.

5. Testimonials used to asking witnesses. If you’re starting, ask your articles or testimonials about your newsletter and post them everywhere. When your customers start to buy your products or your services, ask them for testimonials, but make sure you talk about results. As the recent testimony I received from Daniel. He made $ 12150.00 with my strategies and I witness opens the door to more customers. And put everything on autopilot. The customer buys, the system sends an email of thanks, give up a week later and then asks his testimony at 30 days.

All automatic. 6. Write articles This is one of my favorite strategies. There simply is not free to get in front of your potential customers and build confidence from the first printing at the same time. With a paid advertisement compete with others. In an article published in a magazine, newspaper or other web page authoring, crush the competition. As happens to me when I leave my items in newspapers like El Nuevo Dia from Puerto Rico or Entrepreneur magazine. And last but not least … 7. Make alliances with other entrepreneurs Many who are reading this article again Erik came through, president of Thanks to a recommendation that Erik did to his list of 57,000 readers on my conference call how to create a successful blog (all, thanks and welcome). And it is said that is not what you know but who you know. And it is your goal. Make alliances with other entrepreneurs who have built relationships with customers and prospects. (For the record: 2% of those who came through Erik bought the teleconference. Filed under: David Zaslav. Thanks again. Is proven to make alliances work.) There you are! My seven ideas that will not fail and I use to build trust and credibility in my Internet business. Apply them to your business now and tell me the results.