This information is of vital importance for the application of techniques of “cross selling” and “upselling” in the sales process.Similarly, it is advisable to consider future uses of the information to create the required fields where you can get the same, all this in order not to repeat the data collection process. 4 .- Select a tool to store lists characteristics that must be taken into account to choose the right tool for your needs are: The ability to do segmentation. Using a collaborative environment. The interface with communication tools. The establishment of data relationships. The maximum number of records. The technical equipment required. Human resources used. Costs. The most widely used program is Excel. The lists can be saved in spreadsheets, but they lack communication and networking tools do not have the ability to do segmentation. And also lacks the ability to relate calculate.Other data platform that could be used for this purpose, it is the DANA. Which has a collaborative environment that facilitates the construction of databases. Similarly, has the ability to search, relationships and segmentation of the data. Similarly, the interfaces with communication tools that allows the sending of email and sms from a contact list. 5 .- Establish a strategy to get the data The contact information can be achieved through: digital media ads (like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc …) These will have the purpose of directing people to a registration form located on the website of each company. Publishing newsletters allied companies: These messages have the advantage of being more segmented so that the information in the list is more accurate to allow the entry of people really interested. The application of information at point of sale, which at the time the user makes your purchase will be asked for personal information. Historical records of sales in the company: Through the information previously stored data can be obtained from the contacts. This is important to request permission. Billing systems: You can remove the data processes administrative collect information about customers. 6 .- Avoid the common mistakes made not a spam: Sending bulk messages, type advertising, unsolicited by the user generates the email is classified as junk. Do not buy lists for media campaigns that could be considered invasive. For example, SMS and calls.

Real Estate Databases

Rental of premises – when you encounter this problem, the question arises: Real Estate Agency Buy or databases? All have heard so much about real estate databases, the sites where for a fee, you can Please register and enjoy the facilities. There are sites that offer free look a certain amount of rental offers are free, but then not finding the necessary proposals still have to register and pay in advance for use of the database tenancy. There are also firms that offer to buy a database with a number of proposals for lease or sale. As a result, some fraction of the lucky lucky, and they really pick up his room to rent. We are in no way want to convince you of inappropriate use of such services, if you have time to do independent work. Sites with databases full of headlines: "Rent by owner," "realtors Why pay?" And the like, there are articles of grateful users. Everyone decides for himself, we only give a few examples from my part: For us to call people and say that they have bought a database of rental of premises, phoned her, found nothing, turned again to another agency trading and database of commercial real estate bought another base. In the end, give us a call and have a few real estate agencies that charge a commission only pas fact, we want to emphasize: That's FACT CONTRACT AKRENDY! request a selection of premises. The difference is that you ring up the database every day, and a real estate agent he will call you as soon as there is an interesting variation on the parameters of your application for the selection of the room. Yes, people end up paying commissions that are higher than if they bought themselves base and worked with her, but people are turning to the agency, got exactly what you're looking to save time, nerves preserved. At the same time, owners of premises are often themselves pay for the services of estate agents, and in such cases, the customer generally neither of which does not pay for real estate selection. With regard to proposals for rental sites where "free" you can see some of the proposals Database: You see, call the contact numbers and it turns out that the 10-15 offers rental or sale of real estate that are freely available, almost any interesting things or not, many of the objects and facilities have already been put, and those that were not interesting, awkward, bad quality, etc., so they are free. At the same time you come to a mailbox message, if you have not yet found a room, you can register at the site, do advance and even then just without the agency will find what are looking for. Our advice: If you save time and frustration, please complete real estate agency. In all countries agreed to contact realtors, it is norm. If you are very low on money, you can certainly play the lottery with the purchase of electronic signs with the addresses and phone numbers, which means no information is correct and timely. As a result, you lose both time and money, not Play the lottery, if you want a property, contact a professional.