Art From China

The economic boom experienced the era China, has captured the Chinese art scene. The new Chinese stars of the international art scene to achieve maximum prices for their works. It is not only to the growing interest in Chinese art in the Western countries, including the new middle and upper class in China is driving up prices. In Germany there are only a few galleries, which specialize in Chinese art. These represent the new superstars of modern art from China and serve the upper price segment. Friends and collectors of modern Chinese art, the online gallery an inexpensive alternative. Here you can find cheap originals of young contemporary artists from China. Likewise, lovers of classical Chinese painting will find a large selection of watercolors, ink drawings and calligraphy. The gallery owner Clemens Mohr pay, in the selection of artists in particular to a harmonious color and composition, while his wife Yuping, who studied in China, as a specialist in painting and calligraphy from China, good relationsGalleries and art dealers in China is nurturing. If the customer is looking for something special, we researched in China, until one has found the perfect work of art. The range of China-gallery ranges from old copies of watercolors from the Tang Dynasty to the modern Chinese art. As an inexpensive gift, the watercolors are very popular in the format 30 x 30 cm, but also large scroll paintings of several meters in length found in the gallery for art from China. Most images are provided with a mat of tissue paper and can easily be framed. The typical Chinese scroll paintings we need to hang with a nail. Incidentally, this also offers the advantage that it scrolls mood can do in seconds per share. In China it is quite common to have more scrolls. Whatever the occasion to be hanged then the appropriate scrolls. As used in Chinese watercolors, ink drawings and calligraphy-quality rice paper that is hardly oxidized (yellow), one can use a scroll painting and the permanent decoration.

Imports From China

Production control saves local complaints and penalties in addition to the import financing, specialist brokers offer assistance in importing goods from China shopping and verse refactoring. Quality problems are often background after initially good start of delivery for Chinese suppliers. Because also in China as in Germany, cost reduction processes cause savings in the production process, quality assurance, and post processing before shipment. Quality fluctuations are not immediately detected and stopped, these result in delayed labour-intensive and costly returns, complaints, penalties and disputes, they charge one lasting up to date good customer relationship. Such problems are turned off, then you can combine China imports with forms of financing as possible without loading the Bank line. Reverse factoring, the Chinese supplier sold its claims against the German importer to a factor who financed the claims. The importer can pay its liability with target and the supplier receives his immediately Selling price. Many small importers require additional assistance in the form of supplier selection, production control, stock control, translation, professional brokers like the Hanseatic Kontor have built up a network of independent cooperation partners complaint processing, and so on, to provide just such value-added services. More information is available under. There latest newsletter to the China import can download free. Questions or more information: Hanseatic Kontor Maklerge. mbH Gothic str. 10 Ralf Patric pop Michael Boomhuis HANSEATIC KONTOR Maklerges. mbH dependance Nordhorn Doppers Esch 3 48531 Nordhorn Tel: 05921 – 71 22 878 central Hamburg Gothic Street 10, 20097 Hamburg Tel: 040-238 50 402 fax: 040-238 50 403 mobile: 0170-804 38 69 background to the Hanseatic Kontor Maklerges. mbH the Hanseatic Kontor Maklerges. mbH is a bank-independent specialist brokerage for credit insurance and factoring. The company serves nationwide as small and medium-sized companies.

Munich Testing

UL offers new laboratory in Suzhou, China, as a response to the growing demand was one of the world’s leading companies for product safety testing and certification with headquarters in the United States and with German offices in Neu-Isenburg and Munich, certified photovoltaic systems and components of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), today announced the further global expansion of its photovoltaic testing services in Suzhou, China, where photovoltaic technology center of excellence opens. The new facility will be the largest photovoltaic testing laboratory in China and have the opportunity to test standards according to UL as well as International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). This announcement marks a further step in UL’s mission to support the development of safe, components in the field of renewable energies. The new 400 square meter testing lab, and the largest of its kind in Asia, enabling UL customers due to the advanced test capabilities thus in the future even faster in the market to enter. The establishment, the first is opened with six testing rooms, is designed, even further in 2010 to grow, if more capacity is needed. According to industry experts the worldwide photovoltaic market is within the next five years by 15% annually grow and thus reach a volume of around EUR 25 billion in 2012. Even more than so far look now manufacturer for a trusted partner in the certification industry, so that innovations can be brought to market faster and more efficiently”, said Jeff Smidt, General Manager of UL’s global energy business. With the launch of the new institution, we can better serve the manufacturer in China because we offer you the full range of testing and certification measures and hence the global access to the major markets. The German renewable energy law, which was agreed by the Chinese Government in March 2005, lays down that 10% of Chinese energy must be fed up of renewable energies by 2020 a fact, the demand the country underlines for premium photovoltaic testing services. China is the world’s third largest manufacturer of photovoltaic components, where the production is constantly increasing. In the Suzhou region of production of the industry in China focus and that is the reason why UL is expanding its photovoltaic test capabilities here. The photovoltaic technology center of excellence in Suzhou, China, is a new district in a newly built high-tech industrial park in the 98 Hengshan Road, Suzhou. UL’s first Center of excellence opened in July 2008 in San Jose, California. UL expands this lab currently due to the continuously increasing demand for photovoltaic certification services. More info on these two agencies, visit dge/photovoltaics / about Underwriters Laboratories Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent product safety certification organization, that for over a century, developed standards and performs product tests. UL has its headquarters in the United States and is now worldwide active. UL evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials and systems all over the world. Every year 20 billion UL marks on 72,000 manufacturers products can be found. The international UL family of companies and network of service providers includes 64 laboratory, testing and certification facilities for customers in 98 countries. You will receive more information also see newsroom

Economic Trends In China

The region grows mostly rice, wheat and corn. In China, food inflation has reached 22% in April this year. The government is trying through price controls in the affected areas will not trigger more inflation, which was 8.7% in February year. To this we must add the fact that China has been pursuing restrictions on agricultural exports: by increasing tariffs and quotas applied to exports, after inflation shot at the highest level in 12 years during February, and that 40% of inflation in the country was generated by the rise foreign prices by Chinese economists. This amounts to trying to extinguish a fire with a bucket full of gasoline. China is an importer of goods whose prices continue to rise, from food to energy. Must admit also that both corn oil as used in countless products we use daily, from plastics to toothpaste. On the other hand, China is a net exporter of agricultural products, ie, major constraints and withholding foreign trade will achieve the intended effect override: inflation. By restricting the global food supply, are generating a further increase in international prices. It has also increased subsidies to farmers to breed more pigs and grow more grain. All measures that do nothing but generate distortions in relative wrecks and discourage farmers to produce more of the same. “The Chinese market is linked to global markets through millions of threads. They can not be completely cut,” said Qi Jingmei, senior economist with the State Information Centre. Just as the government is imposing curbs on food exports, is opened its state reserves of wheat, rice and pork, to try to curb inflation.

China Coal

In The Eleventh Five-Year Project period, at the time of meeting the growing demand of domestic market, China s exports of high pressure micro powder mill achieved huge results along with global economic integration development. From 2004 to 2007, the growth rate of exports of high pressure micro powder thousand was more than 60%. Due to the financial crisis and the reduced of world s total international trade in 2008 and 2009, this industry had a sharp decline. Especially for the slow recovery of world economic in 2009, the exports dropped to 2006 levels. In the demand growth of developing countries and the gradually recovery of development countries economic, our exports was return to pre-crisis level of 2007. In ten years, China s exports of high pressure micro powder mill have increased to nearly 50000 units in 2010 from less than 2500 units in 2000. The total of exports in 2010 was 2.86 times than the 16462 defait in 2005. The main export manufactures are more than 30, with export countries reached 176. The matters need to be paid attention to roll crusher: 1. Strengthen the deironing work. The falling of other material into the gap of roll is harm for the crusher even is likely to cause parking accident. Therefore, it is necessary to install deironing set before crushers. 2 Viscous material is to easier to block the crushing space. When dealing with the blocking problems, it should be dealt in parking state, but it sell t be handled during the operation process. To a service-oriented brand integrity, As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like stone production line, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.shaking concentrator: 3. When the material processing contains larger piece of rock, you should take notice of the larger rock which is easily squeezed out from the crushing space to prevent injury or damage to equipment. 4 After a long time operation of roll crusher, the larger Friar in the surface of roll will lead to the finer grain size of product. At this time, you should take notice of adjusting the row ore mouth or checking the set. 5 Reinforcing the checking for set. It is essential to check on time for the lubricate parts so as to maintain good lubrication condition. Roll crusher is not only widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemicals, electricity, coal and other industries on the brittle and ductile materials processing, but also used for the crushing of minerals below medium hardness Owers and rocks. That can be used for chemical, cement, building materials and other industry sectors. Especially the coal industry, use the machine crushing raw coal, just does iron removal, cleaning, without removing the gangue, the coal can be broken directamente. And the broken materials with uniform particle size, have low screen ratio.