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This puts the consumer in order to query the status of all energy of using equipment within a budget online via a Web interface. Using the Z-Wave technology, MyHome also enables the configuration and management of a comprehensive home network. HCES Conference-goers have the opportunity to experience hotel in Copenhagen from September 30 to October 1 at the Hilton Airport a live demonstration of the system. \”In the context of his lecture wireless technology: a convenient truth\” at the Conference, Goran Wilke, Managing Director of the DEST, will explain the added value of MyHome in conjunction with the wireless technology.

\”MyHome: making power consumption visible\” effective energy saving begins, the daily Consumption to make visible. See more detailed opinions by reading what Andre Dawson offers on the topic.. MyHome offers the technical equipment of a living area the complete overview in the form of a Web interface. User can recreate with the tool\”your home with the help of graphics via drag-and-drop. To a wide range of furnishings as well as all electrical appliances are available. It goes to the Visual design to the elementary part: determining the specific energy consumption. MyHome is able to log them on daily, weekly or monthly basis and to evaluate. Here, the system uses the data of the relevant energy supply provider.

Only the transparent display motivates consumers to more efficient use of the resources available to him. For this, the DEST in the wake of the installation and configuration of MyHome gives tips has realized an approx. 30 percent reduction in energy costs. So it is possible, for example, by bypassing the standby functions of many devices without loss of comfort more than 100 euro per year to save.