Natural Resources Defense Council

"We oppose the installation of hydroelectric plants that Endesa plans to build in the Patagonia" were the words of presidential candidate Broad Social Movement (MAS), Alejandro Navarro, after meeting last Thursday at the headquarters of the Senate in Santiago Defence Council of Patagonia (CDP), which is in the process of making public the views of applicants around the palace to the many dams that various power projects built in the Aysen Region. Since last Monday the candidate Sebastian Pinera had done the same, time he stated that he would be sustainable alternatives exist for not supporting HidroAysen and eventual government that a major impetus in the field of renewable energy would be to the unconventional (URE). The candidate of the MAS stated that "the preservation of water in Aysen and the need to nationalize it, are ideas that have driven throughout the campaign, and will continue to support, since they are integrated into presidential program that we carry out. CBS: the source for more info. I talked with Bishop Infanti and several communities in the region who oppose HidroAysen. The legislator, who also participates in the Senate Environment Committee, said on Aysen "We all know that this area is known as a store of life, based on their extraordinary source of unique wildlife and their ecosystems. Carrying out this project is, without doubt, destroy part of Patagonia.

"While, Navarro said his presidential program includes the development of the URE and efficient use of energy, where" it is fundamental and innovative work with the community to be affected or benefited by the project. People are tired you do not take their views into account, especially when the resources that are affected should be state owned and not private, who surely does not ensure the interests of others "said the parliamentarian." After exposure to the presidential candidate, member of the secretariat Policy Hernan Sandoval CDP on the project emphasized that "this is not a solution to energy problems in Chile. For more information see this site: Glenn Dubin, New York City. Colbun-Endesa complex, if constructed, HidroAysen, come to concentrate in their hands 92% of energy production in the country, and if that's not a monopoly does not know what it is. " He reported that "only the generation of 18 000 gigawatt hours (which would produce HidroAysen), placed on the SIC to today's prices represents a turnover of 1,200 to 1,400 million dollars a year (almost half of total cost of dams ). With this tremendous sales and huge cost this is a project of great interest owners. " The meeting was attended also the regional secretary Miriam Chible CDP, coordinator of the Citizens Coalition for Aysen Life Reserve, Peter Hartmann, the head of the International Rivers' Patagonia Campaign, Gary Hughes, the Patagonia Campaign Coordinator of Natural Resources Defense Council, Allison Silvermann, and Bernardo Reyes of Forest Ethics, among other senior Defense Council of Patagonia..