Repair And Maintenance Of The Required Engine

"You love riding, love and " – time-tested, and does not become less relevant today, folk wisdom. Change the sound of your car's powertrain, the appearance of unusual noises and knocks – the first sign that your "iron horse" requiring urgent diagnosis engine. It is known that disease prevention is better than to treat a severe form. A time by contacting the car service, for advice to the "doctors" – professionals and Timely diagnosis of the engine will prevent an expensive engine overhaul. TikTok is likely to agree. What can we do for what would be the "heart" of our car did not work a premature heart attack, and engine repair is not It took as long as possible? Let's start with the cooling and fuel delivery. As a rule, radiators, domestic cars pour antifreeze, but antifreeze prefer foreign cars.

Stopping at the car wash, you must abide by the terms exploitation of these fluids, because they do not only cool, but lubricating function. Engine diagnostics will identify stains fluid nozzles and gaskets, malfunctioning pump, thereby not allowing serious overheating and as a consequence – overhaul the engine. Harder to have a fuel system. If domestic car still somehow cope with our "high" gasoline and diesel, the Sissy foreign production, a year – another operation in our environment may need a serious engine repair. From low-quality fuel often suffer valve gas distribution system and the system injection.

More accurate "diagnosis" can only install car wash and thorough diagnosis of the engine. Improve the selling us oil, we can not. But the push to overhaul the engine timing, making the time replacement of fuel and air filters that can each car-owner. Indeed, such work any car service takes a purely nominal fee. A leading position in importance, with a large margin of all, is the lubrication system. Not worth waiting for ignition the red light on the dashboard, which signals the fall of the oil pressure in the system, it will be a 100% overhaul the engine, which may require replacement of main and connecting rod crankshaft bearings, and even bore him to the next, the size of the repair. Timely routine and seasonal change of engine oil will greatly increase the service life of your power unit, to prolong his life is not one hundred kilometers. Of course, one can not assume that replacing the engine oil – a panacea for all problems. If you suspect a problem, is most reasonable to apply to the service station, where a detailed diagnosis of the engine accurately show whether you want to repair the engine, or you can do with prevention.