Corporate Activities

Corporative in the suburbs in the recreation center "Ecotel Snegirek" You can with our corporate deals that are on this page, we want to share their experience in organizing various corporate events: parties, workshops, seminars, conferences, business meetings, birthdays and so other firms. Without corporate events does not do any one firm on the subject and content, they are quite different. Any event can become an occasion for organizing business or entertaining out of your company or its individual employees. In general, the concept of "Corporative" very broadly, it can be divided into two parts: a business events (conferences, trainings, seminars, talks …) and corporate parties of various subjects. Often, these two types of leisure intersect, as they say, combined business with pleasure. "Ecotel Snegirek" offers a variety of combination of different components and combinations of the concept of "corporate." Corporate rest in the "Ecotel Snegirek" "Ecotel Snegirek" is well-positioned for a wide variety of business – activities. We start with the accommodation facilities: we have a guest house in 32 numbers, which is located in two buildings. The hotel rooms are of varying degrees of comfort, and therefore in a different value range. By the way, you can rent the entire complex, but such an option we are considering in advance. Of course, "work – work, and always want to eat …" The complex is a restaurant that is well known in the surrounding areas and cities (such as Nakhabino, Dedovsk, Istra, Krasnogorsk). Tribune Media Company spoke with conviction. In moments of relaxation, we can provide you with first class food: lunch, dinner, coffee breaks, and of course, varied banquet menu, which consists of 4 options, one of them, be sure to suit you in price and in range. Accordingly, the restaurant offers various business lunches, there is Fourchette menu, as well as for its event, you can create a menu of the menu of our restorana.Zaly for events. The complex has five rooms, each one is unique and can be adapted for different tasks, as leisure and work. All rooms are equipped with necessary modern facilities. And also, during the warmer months we can provide you with an open summer terrace. Agree, in the fresh air more pleasant rest and work. On summer playground, we set the tent, so that extreme weather events will not interfere with your corporate party. In the largest universal hall, measuring 518 sq. m. You can spend an evening with an invitation to corporate more than 400 people. Hall is truly unique in that short period of time can transform into a concert hall, it can set the platform can be used as a banquet or meeting rooms and so on. In this room we have often are the big event, they invite artists. In this case, night work and holiday ends on an optimistic note the most good. For smaller corporate events we can offer a choice of fireplace, mirror and Sadko or VIP rooms. Also in the complex is room in the style XIXveka – our green room. Such a variety of rooms allows you to combine multiple events, as well as provides extensive opportunities for your corporate party. "Welcome!" – We say to business people!

International Women

I am with will to cry and until crying out to be able to empty my heart of pain that I feel; it goes to help momentarily because I am treating the consequence while the cause the treatment of the cause does not only depend on me. My life is a great book with incredible annexes, which are in prominence so that others can learn with my learning and not errarem as I errei. My life has much pain and this has received aid from women in my life. They know to console, as well as know to xingar (laughs). Mine I cry is the door estresse of it that she is inside of a volcano because I inside left gold eggs of an only basket and now, to the 50, will not be easy to remake the trajectory constructing a new way. My guilt; only my guilt. Already it had written a text to homage the women, but I was aggressive in some paragraphs. I have reason, but it is not the certain moment, because I run away from the intention to homage the women in its international day. A life can be measured per seconds or years, but who already measured for women who had participated or participate of a life? I believe that nobody, but will be had, is not plagiarizing, but yes homaging the hundreds of women who make a life, of my life. I was not to the hospital in car of square directed for a woman because it has fifty years this was not permissible in city of the interior, but only passed for diverse feminine hands; I continue until today, surrounded of them, therefore I must have very been bad with them in another life since I was abrilhantado, in this, with many and last the four, I call woman and children. A life without woman is not possible because we need it to create the physical body and this hardly to science will go to substitute. It will always be necessary stops making I! perceives that it comes before I, the opposite to the grammar. Women of a life of the heading the romance, to one has asked for teatral, a film. Of at the rate of one to live, an eternity. I have important friends in my life and I do not know if I am the friend who they deserve; many times the Vivian charges the friend who I would have to be. It is certain (…) because I not yet know to be the friend of my friends. what to make to that they do not have friends? Or that its friends do not recognize? Debtor Jesus for having friends and I make an order of the deep one of the heart: she always protects my friends and my enemies, so that one day these pardon can me and be my friends again; that all can have friends women of a life and that they never can suffer, to be wounded or damaged. that always is wonderful and happy, affected and demanding in my life. Thus Sir I will only be able to deixar a carne and in the other dwelling to be able to say: I had women in my life. Women of a life. Happy international day of the women.