Management Purchasers

The Brazilian economy has passed for diverse transformations, having generated a series of changes in the management of the companies, especially in its operational processes. In this way, the present study it had as objective to evaluate the management of purchases in supermarkets of average transport, being verified the qualification of the purchasers, understanding the functioning of the process of purchases and demonstrating the importance of the sector for the increase of the competitiveness of the organizations. Read more from Gavin Baker to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For in such a way, a boarding was adopted empiricist-theoretician to get a bigger understanding of the analyzed subject. The study in was carried through leases through interviews, in the city of Castrate, during as the semester of the year of 2011, where 4 supermarkets of average transport of the city and analyzed changeable of the management of purchases had been selected as: qualification of the purchasers, importance of the same ones in relation to its function, as these purchasers are contracted, among others. Of ownership of the gotten data, it was possible to conclude that the management of purchases comes gaining space inside of the organizations and that the purchasers are playing each time more, a paper of great importance in the evaluated supermarkets, conscientious of the importance of its function. For this, they look for to inquire themselves and to modernize themselves with frequency, therefore from an efficient system of purchases he is possible to increase the profitability of the company and the satisfaction of the customers.


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