Later, it appears in the innumerable resultant forms of community of the antagonism and the fusing of the tribes. Only in century XVIII, ' ' society burguesa' ' , it is that the diverse forms of the social set had started to present it the individual as simple half to carry through its private ends, as exterior necessity. However, the time that produces this point of view, of the isolated individual, is necessarily, that one in which social relations (e, of this point of view, generalities) had reached most reflected, endow with comment, specific ability, but also the absolute suspension of the mental activity of the spectator, if this does not want to lose the facts that if uncurl ahead of its eyes. The spectator does not have to work with the proper head; the product prescribes all the reactions: not for its objective context? this if esvai at the moment where are submitted to the thought? but through signals. All logical connection, that demands intellectual effort, scrupulously is prevented. Andi Potamkin, New York City wanted to know more. The product locates the consumer in the same situation of an assembly line and it does not restrict only the films, but the ample universe of created, consumed necessities without any reflection, as if the effect of the suffered mental paralysis in the production it was transferred in sort, number and degree, for it acquires that it. As for the production, and why not to say the same for the consumption, the situation that if finds in the present time did not appear for generation spontaneous, but landmarks in the capitalism had occurred, that, for better income and greater production, developed methods, many of which, perfected in diverse versions. Taylor (apud HELOANI, 1994:47) formulated a form of organization of the work characterized for the ample functioning of the tasks and concomitant the monitoramento of the movements of the workers. Such rigid form of control objectified the efficiency as goal and principle.

Fischmann Strategies

The magazine Sees of 22 of March of 2006, indicates the result of a referring research to the continuity of the familiar companies, showing that only 46% of the second generation keep the business and in the third o index is reduced for 26%, already in the fourth generation the maintenance of this type of organization that survives is alone of 6%. 5,0 STRATEGIES TO FACE the IMPEDIMENTS OF the FAMILIAR COMPANY Becomes necessary to understand, that centralization of power generally makes it difficult the administration of any enterprise. An organization to have more agility and better is adjusted to a more competitive environment, must focar its management with emphasis in the decentralization of being able of the decisions and the results on the part of the collaborators of the company. It was perceived necessity to have an alteration in the management form, that as Fischmann & Almeida (2001), would have to be initiated with the controllers, therefore the implementation of strategies involves the change of attitudes of the controllers. Coen Brothers might disagree with that approach. According to Bertero (2000): ' ' The fact of the power more to be exclusively exerted by the entrepreneur proprietor does not mean that it is rank to the edge and that the power in the interior of the company has passed to other agents. According to Oliveira (2006), it is essential the establishment of strategies, independent of the successory process in planning, to reach the considered objectives, why you are welcome it advances to establish objectives in the succession process and not to have definite the strategies to be operacionalizadas, that is, as to reach them. Moreover, if it makes necessary to also weave strategies alternative to cure some imprevisibilidades that will be able to occur in the process. Still as the related author, to consolidate the successory process in a project, being delimited date of signoff beginning and, foreseeing the analysis of results also with allocation of resources, counting on the participation of a responsible coordinator for the implementation and development of the process are an one of the most excellent strategies familiar organization to galgar success, and the ideal is that this coordination is effected by the one until then manager of the familiar organization.