Puerto Rico

In this article I will do honour to one of my thesis (to complete natural medicine), which was titled the man should take care of yourself as if you were sick. This title is the key for not catching the virus A (H1N1). During the last few weeks I’ve been reviewing my country Puerto Rico press and international news and I’ve noticed that all health professionals are advised the same thing; not to visit public places not be necessary, disinfect hands regularly and not take your hands face, if you are sneezing cover with the forearm or a disposable towel, etc., etc., etc., and still not mentioning because everything that you heard it on radio, press and on the street constantly and want you to know that all these recommendations should be followed. But it happens that I have not yet read about any health professional who speaks about the real key to not becoming infected with this terrible virus; this terrible mutant. And the key to not becoming infected is precisely in care as if you were already infected with the virus A (H1N1). Take care of yourself as if he was sick! Unfortunately traditional medicine does not provide the means of prevention to professional level. Your doctor may not prescribe an antiviral medication to a patient who does not have a virus, already that the use of this medication is harmful to health. For this reason the physician has to wait that the patient spread is with the virus then having the authority and protection in law for risking other organs of the patient with the use of the drug. While it is true that the medication could kill the virus, it does be less true that it can affect other healthy organs. But I must clarify you can not blame the doctor for your recipe, the it is fulfilling its duty, is responsible for that prescribed the patient who cannot be cared.

Australian Government

Current wave of globalization has been driven by not only investment but also information technology and international trade. Investment and development in overseas has became a hot potato nowadays. But for mining industry, whether or not it is a good thing still need to be tested. Chinese mining companies will continue to increase both purchases and investment in the overseas market in 2012, the experts revealed. But China s mining industry was strongly influenced by the continuously increasing acquisition activity overseas. But expert pointed out it is right to keep quiet in the first half year against the soaring price of high level resources. Because the good time for M & A activity is coming now, and there will be a slight rebound in the price after the huge declines recently. Expert predicted that Australia and Canada will continue to be the main target markets for investment, but said that Chinese overseas mining companies will continue to invest in and explore more mines in other countries such as those on the African continent.sand washer supplier: china cement mills: But unfortunately, possible resource and carbon taxes, proposed by the Australian Government, are likely to come into effect in July next year, which will undoubtedly impose pressure on Chinese mining companies. While, Canada is expected to see an increase in investment from Chinese companies in the mining industry, the country warmly welcomes Chinese investors in the mining industry. Meanwhile, some other Industry insiders also pointed out that even though China has signed many M & A contracts with foreign companies, not all of the deals will be completed because of alleged problems with the managements. It seems like management is a big risk for Chinese companies and Chinese companies should build better relationships with foreign companies to ensure cooperation in the exploration of resources. It may better for Chinese companies to look further attracting necessary funds over the long term. And they also need to build the necessary relationships to gain access to foreign markets.

Chinese Civilization

China is one of the oldest civilizations on earth, extending back 4,000 years in history. Until the 19th century China was also one of the most advanced cultures in the world, but as dynasties emerged and declined China mostly missed the industrial revolution and a decline in its society’s standing began to take its toll. By 1949 a bloody civil war came to its end, with two new China’s emerging where one used to be. The People’s Republic of China was established in 1949 and is found on the mainland of China; and the Republic of China, which originally was established in 1912, but was forced to find its home confined to the island of Taiwan, and this country is often referred to as Taiwan. During the 1950s Taiwan developed a successful technology-oriented successful economy, while the mainland was mired in the Great Communist Experiment under the leadership of Mao Zedong.  After the civil war the population of China began to grow rapidly, while at the same time there were several disruptive socioeconomic movements, beginning with the Great Leap Forward of the 1950s and the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. The Great Chinese Famine, largely a result of the impracticalities of the communist endeavor, resulted in the deaths of between 30 and 36 million people.