Stephen Jay Gould

Of the biological point of view, the comparison of Smith is not been improper. Until where we know, the viruses if differentiate of other microorganisms for autodestrutivo behavior. To be multiplied, they they attack blindly and they finish destroying its proper ways of multiplication. Conclusion: success of the viruses, when eliminating its hosts, is a species of suicide. They are well different of the bacteria, that, even so are mortal, also can coexist the cells of the other organisms democratically and until helping them, in many cases. It is the case of the human body, that contains a infindvel number of bacteria, many of basic them in functions as our digestion. It is probable that the man is next to the suicidal impetus of the viruses of what of the bacteria. It has little doubt of that the Homo erectus, since that it appeared in the planet, between 100000 and 200000 years behind, left a frightful track. First, because it discloses a proliferation continuous e, at least so far, in rhythm each faster time, evolutivos terms. We pass of a set esparso of nomadic bandos, with an esteem world-wide population in only five or ten million individuals, for a multitude of six billion. It is enough to draw a map of the world in a white notebook leaf to represent the population human being with black points, as the end point of this phrase, you to have an idea of our proliferation. If each one of the points to represent a million of inhabitants, the map will be almost total black, with 6000 points covering the continents. Currently, we are adding to the world, every year, about 87 million new citizens (an entire Mexico). In 2012, we will have added plus a China to the planet, about a billion of people. As the aspect, still more desanimador, consists of the apparent viral irrationality of this evolution. Paleontology discloses initially that the human beings were numerous; it had sets of ten of similar species, with distinct characteristics. Today only it has one, what it can be signal of a dead-end, as called the attention, diverse times, the American paleontlogo Stephen Jay Gould (deceased this year). Of the point of view of the other species, it is well clearly now that none of the great mammals and good part of the minors will have conditions of to resist if the race human being to continue thus growing. alone a part of the remains, probably, could be preserved in reserves and parks. The birds, the reptiles, the fish and the trees will have destination similar. This not to mention in the mineral kingdom: in the rivers, in mountains and the poludos oceans, explored inconsequential for the men. As consolation, it remains the half psicanaltica constatao of that, if we hold in them as virus, at least, we are a species of virus that has conscience of the errors that commits. Freud said that the culture is, of certain form, a product of the auto-repression to the primary instincts, a conflict that if it would decide by means of the creativity. It is possible, therefore, that the imagination helps in them to diminish the tractor, let us say, virulent of the civilization. ' ' The humanity proliferates in the Land as a virus attacks one organismo' ' (Extracted Text of Interesting the Super magazine)

Global Heating

The Co2 is not toxic and is of course present in the atmosphere? but it is also a gas greenhouse (GH is its acronym in English) e, therefore a potential cause of antropognico global heating (AGW in English). Two sources how much to the global heating, one followed by the majority, of that the humanity must review its concepts and its operations immediately if she wants a level of better quality, and the American, Russian source exist and of other desenvolvimentistas small farms, that believe that the global heating independe of the activity human being. This article was a challenge, for you, that it reads in them, and for we, therefore were written contrarily to our thought, to show the importance of the choice of the monograph subject, that always must be made from what you if feel more to the will to choose, does not stop outrem pleasing it. The verbal arguments and the scientific summaries ' ' amicus curiae' ' , the favor and against, had never treated the basic subject: Is the Co2 the root cause of the current heating? Between who it supported position of the plaintiff if includes two Prizes Nobel in chemistry? although that this tactics can have a countyer-productive effect when the assistants of the magistrate discover that the two had demonstrated little ability in discipline excellent to the subject. The absence of a good science results evident in the searched carefully legal dispute regarding the situation. To support its affirmation of that the antropognico global heating will injure the Massachusetts, its associate general promoter, James Milkey, invoked the growth of the level of the sea and the loss of coastal lands, being based on a previous deposition but suggesting the court not to inquire on its mritos. All the available information sample that the levels of the sea in a global scope if had raised 400 feet since the peak of the age of more recent ice has 18,000 years. .

Hunting And Whaling Legalities

But in Germany, hunters legally shoot up to 250 000 domestic cats and 35 000 dogs. And the thing is that the Hunting Act, passed in 1934, states that the cat may be destroyed if removed from the border village of more than 200 meters because cats are a real threat to nesting land birds and their offspring. Dogs same – whether or shepherd poodle – are allowed to shoot when they are seen in the hunting of wild animals – rabbits, rabbits and foxes. But some in the suburbs without any law sadistic killing dogs paralytic poison. Destruction of dogs is the most brutal way: shoot nerve charges, which bring enormous suffering to animals. And the object of the hunt in both cases, those dogs selected schools, have long been under the care of local residents and not dangerous to others. Date of the week: World day of whale February 19 is World Day Whale, who also considered the day of protection of all other marine mammals. World Day China celebrates in 1986, when the International Whaling Commission (IWC) (International Whaling Commission, IWC) imposed a ban on whale hunting. Currently restricted to aboriginal whaling exclusively for the needs of indigenous populations, as well as the removal of whales for scientific purposes under special permission from the government – members of the IWC. Currently, the leaders of the struggle for the abolition of the moratorium are the Japanese whalers ICC. Japan filed an official protest against the moratorium in 1982, but withdrew it after the U.S. threatened her with sanctions. In 1987, Japan stopped commercial whaling in Antarctic waters, but in the same year launched a special program for research fishing. C of the then, Japan has allegedly scientific whaling, and international environmental organizations are constantly building obstacles for Japanese whalers. So, last week the Japanese government has decided to suspend for indefinite period of time to kill whales off the coast of Chile in order to ensure the safety of whalers who were persecuted everywhere on the boats and ships activists Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, opposed to whaling. In addition, Japan, which gave way to the defenders of whales – environmental organization Sea Shepherd – and was interrupted by commercial whaling in Antarctic waters this season, turned to Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands – countries, one way or another have related to the organization, with a request to take steps that would curb environmental action.