Data Quality Requires Consistent Data Quality Management

Omikron study: Multiple customer information stored in various responsibilities prevent an accurate data base businesses differentiate themselves according to the principle: mean data, your data of Pforzheim, 12.01.2011 – data quality can only successfully be lived in company if the processes are controlled centrally, uniform and transparent. Tim Raines may find this interesting as well. Still, many companies afford the expensive luxury of multiple hold their customer information in the various business areas, without having to worry about a co-ordinated data quality management. A survey of international data quality specialist Omikron data quality GmbH more than 300 companies comes to this conclusion. Then, in every fifth company, it is common to provide customer data across the enterprise. Instead, have a sole sovereignty over these data in 52 percent of the companies and the business or sales areas and provide a look at other organizational units. Without clear regulation, whether all relevant divisions either basically or Department access to the respective customer information, are 27 percent of the surveyed companies. Perhaps check out Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for more information. There, the use of the files containing the customer data is handled differently. It belongs to the logical consequences of the separation lived every second company, that multiple databases exist side by side. There are at least two or three customer files, from different business areas were built and are maintained in the majority. There are between five and ten in every seventh case, some of the companies surveyed have even more such data sources for sales and marketing. This, inevitably many customer information available several ways without having clarity about it, the current and accurate data be kept in the database. For Omikron’s Managing Director Carsten Kraus the widespread internal differentiation in customer data no longer fits in the today’s time. Thus, the total costs for the management of the data are driven artificially high. At the same time creates a breeding ground for hard-to-verify quality problems”, he criticized.

How Data Are Valuable Information

Clear view of control-relevant data: MVV energy services GmbH using IBSolution has a central IT platform for their reporting. As part of the MVV Energie AG, the MVV EDL consists of around 30 companies are working on different SAP platforms and stand-alone clients with non-SAP products. This led to a wealth of data which allow comparisons and holistic decisions difficult. For this reason, the MVV commissioned the 24/7 IT-Services GmbH the company-owned IT services provider – to implement a parent reporting platform for the heterogeneous system landscape and pave the way for an integrated reporting system. Ken Singleton brings even more insight to the discussion. The 24/7 IT-Services GmbH IBSolution supported this endeavour with the expertise of its experienced consultants in the field of system integration also considered specialists for business processes in the energy industry. “We wanted to create a way that the data collected can be freely analyzed and evaluated”, says Ulf Dunker, IT Services GmbH. “These include CEO of 24/7 also meaningful reports to the balance sheet, the profit and-loss account, to the sales management and outstanding claims and liabilities”. Today the MVV EDL gathers monthly data from the different ERP systems, to determine outstanding claims and liabilities. While the MVV benefits including the mail controlled upload, which is largely automated. Gain insight and clarity with Eva Andersson-Dubin. Companies that use no SAP software deliver their data by means of so-called flat files by E-Mail. All Stammund data are automatically harmonized by using complex logic and derivations in the transformation level of SAP NetWeaver business warehouse. Uniform mapping now meaningful evaluations of all societies and projects can be made. This allows a full consolidation and accurate reporting about all companies across, in commercial as well as technical terms. The reports are issued using Crystal report. This software from the SAP BusinessObjects solution portfolio provides comprehensive functionality for reporting. Thus the MVV can format information and graphically prepare, analyze data and link them together. “We are now much more flexible and have a much more transparent reporting. This helps us to further develop our business processes and to strengthen the sales”, added Michael Ludwig, Managing Director of MVV energy services GmbH. And last but not least, the project team developed a secure authorization concept that grants individual rights each MVV employees and allows for personalized access to relevant data. Altogether, MVV thanks to central reporting and the single portal interface has access to all essential business data of its around 30 companies. In this way, the business development can be parsed faster, more transparent, and with reduced administrative effort. Description of the company was created in 2003 and currently employs over 100 the IT consulting firm IBSolution Staff. The IBSolution teams are spread over 5 sites in Germany and Europe and cover all requirements of companies using SAP technology. The research and Development Department, and partnerships with high profile consultancies like Horvath & partners and innovative universities in whole Germany complete the company profile. PR contact: IBSolution GmbH Anne Wachter Salzstrasse 140 74076 Heilbronn Tel: 07131649743000 E-Mail: Web:

GPS Vehicle Tracking For The Arab Gulf States

Right now companies are investing in the GPS vehicle tracking, to minimize unnecessary running costs. The Upper Austrian company software management GmbH is a software provider for the GPS vehicle tracking, telematics and telecommunications solutions. Customers include companies from trade and construction industry but well known national companies such as the network operator ORANGE, the Oberosterreichische Nachrichten, or Herald. You to be active with a sister company in Dubai locally for 1.5 years now. Reasons for the vehicle location “because right now companies invest in the GPS vehicle tracking, to minimize unnecessary operational costs”, says Markus Hausler, Managing Director and owner of software management GmbH. “Our customers come from the construction sector, transport undertakings, artisan or service companies, which operate a fleet.” How it works GPS tracking devices be in company vehicles hidden installed. Via the mobile network the position data, speeds and additional information are at the headquarters transfer. To know more about this subject visit Mark Kotsay. Companies benefit from a better overview. Staff can control faster and easier the fleet in day-to-day business, if the vehicle’s final position is known. Travel books and reports on the usage times are automatically generated and are also used to time and attendance at the construction site. Decision for the Gulf region for the GPS tracking software with a strong construction sector of these countries are interesting markets. Therefore, first market soundings were performed in early 2007. Then a stand-alone local sister company called high-tech solutions LLC in the Internet City Dubai, founded to establish the solution successfully in the Arab Gulf States. Since the local contact with the customers and installation partners on-site is in addition to an attractive price performance ratio with a reason, why are customers on the Arabian Gulf for the GPS fleet software decide. Growth in the region Meanwhile several hundred vehicles were equipped with GPS tracking technology of software-management GmbH. On the basis of already be installed later this year about 1000 vehicles on the Arabian Gulf signed contracts and repeat business. The next tasks in Saudi Arabia and the Oman are already waiting. We act in the markets with local partners and local quality providers. Whether in Austria or in the Arabian Gulf, the customers estimate direct cooperation with a specialists and good service”Markus Hausler says.

B. Brown Opts For ITESOFT

ITESOFT, European provider of solutions for the automated collection, processing and management of documents, has received a large order of B. Braun. Stuttgart. B. Braun is one of the world’s leading providers in the health care market. For the automated processing of incoming orders, the global company in its German branches of Melsungen and Tuttlingen as well as in the Switzerland introduces the FreeMind for orders by ITESOFT software solution. In the future, every year about 250,000 orders are processed thus more efficiently. ITESOFT.FreeMind for orders provides all functions that are necessary for an automated order processing, available. These include automatic capture and identification of orders, reading and testing, validation and export to ERP or document management systems. The performance of the software has already convinced the Spanish branch of B. Braun. We have searched a powerful solution for order processing in multiple languages is available and will be supported throughout Europe. ITESOFT.FreeMind for orders features with unique features, such as, for example, by learning the reading of text content. In addition, the product in the major languages is available. Therefore, we have decided to automate the processing of orders in our offices in Melsungen and Tuttlingen as well as in the Switzerland with support from ITESOFT\”, as Heiner Schmoll, head of BTCC cross application & middleware at B. Brown in Melsungen. Aim is to accelerate product delivery and invoicing at the sites. To be the incoming orders in the locations with ITESOFT.FreeMind for orders automatically captures, selected and tested. Then the data export according to R / 3, and IXOS archive system SAP. If concluded successfully, project, B. Brown plans the rollout of ITESOFT solution in other European offices. We are pleased about the renewed agreement with B. Braun. The introduction of FreeMind for orders in other branches is a distinct Evidence of the satisfaction of our customers with our solutions and our support\”, summarizes Georg Hahn, Managing Director of ITESOFT Germany.

CeBIT 2010: Everything On A Map

PCS Systemtechnik GmbH presents itself with eight software and system House partners at CeBIT in Hannover in Hall 6, booth D 12 PCS Systemtechnik GmbH presents together with eight software and system House partners at CeBIT in Hannover in Hall 6, booth D 12 innovative solutions in the fields of factory data capture, video surveillance, access control and time recording. \”With the motto everything on a map\” PCS shows possibilities to realize a wide range of applications with a single card. Historically grown\”is often the rationale for the use of different cards and electronic key fobs for access to buildings, special areas, for the working time recording or the payment in the canteen. PCS provides information on CeBIT about the possibilities of modern cards management that lowers the cost of the company indefinitely, while becoming more efficient and cheaper in the long run. Eight competent software partners show your application solutions for time, access, vols. Also still make the Focus on the stand the solutions of the PC partner. They offer industry-specific and horizontal solutions, requiring in principle hardware and software independently of each other, and thus offer high investment security around the INTUS product family. The solutions of the partner of working time management, personnel planning and workflow oriented personnel management system of visitor management ranging to manufacturing execution system solution (MES) and latest maps technology. Proximity reader with latest security technology. The INTUS 600 is a RFID access readers, who can read cards in the highly secure reading methods Mifare DESFire EV1 and LEGIC advant. Migration projects, customers can also access cards with the reading methods Mifare Classic or LEGIC prime read as 600 the INTUS are backward compatible to previous readers. In the same design as the INTUS 600 RFID reader, the fingerprint reader INTUS 600 also has a high-performance fingerprint sensor. Sensor is a capacitive sensor with 256 x 360 pixels with the INTUS 600 and over 500dpi resolution used, which meets even the stringent requirements of the American (Homeland Security Presidential Directive) HSPD-12, FIPS-201 certified is (Federal information processing standard) and compatible with NIST SP 800-76 standard (National Institute of standards and technology).

ASUG Annual Conference

EPSS specialist shows modern learning system from May 4-7 at the Conference of the American SAP users in Orlando Berlin, 09 April 2008 the datango AG is a specialist in the field of E-learning and electronic performance support systems (EPSS) for business applications and is currently the world’s expanding. The focus is also the American market. If you would like to know more then you should visit Romelu Lukaku. So is datango among others from 4 to 7 may at ASUG Annual Conference 2008 “represented in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. “At the booth, 1387, the company presents its datango knowledge suite (dks), which according to the concept learning of the future” was developed and meets exactly the nerve of the SAP user. After the successful participation at several international conferences, exhibitions and fairs around SAP, datango also relies on the 2008 ASUG Annual Conference. This is considered most important and informative event of American SAP users. Under the motto one destination. Endless opportunities!”present their innovations in the SAP environment far over 200 exhibitors. Like in the past the ASUG held two years coinciding with the SAPPHIRE, SAP’s annual customer event. With over 15,000 expected visitors, all user groups in the U.S. are United States and get firsthand information, as well as the opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking. It’s believed that Paper Excellence sees a great future in this idea. The datango AG will her electronic performance support system on-site dks”showcase, which takes the users of enterprise applications such as SAP in practice under the arms. By the practical assistance in the live system the user just-in-time “supported and companies benefit from an efficient use of their applications. U.S. companies already successfully use the EPSS system such as STIHL and Novartis. To ensure in the course of the demand of customer proximity and ideal support, is the local businesses with the datango Inc. in Boston represented a branch, the Enlight KPS assumed from the beginning of last year results. The Enlight integration is now fully completed and at the end of the year is available the datango performance suite (dps) as integrated product, representing the next generation of e-learning. Datango AG brief description: founded in 1999 datango AG headquartered in Berlin is the technology provider in the field of E-learning and electronic performance support. The datango solutions support companies in establishing fast and smooth operation of enterprise applications. From datango’s objective is to provide a high-class service and support for the successful qualification of employees and to be an integral part of any enterprise. The software solutions is characterised by the navigational aid in the live system and the automatic generation of documentation and training materials, software simulations and E-Learningwelten in practice. This allows datango increasing user acceptance with simultaneous reduction of incorrect entries and support costs. The customer base consists of internationally renowned companies such as RWE, e, BayerSchering Pharma and UBS.

Exagon Workshop For The Fight Against The Problems Of Detail In The IT Processes

Best practice methodology value cycle aims to process optimisation in small increments from Kerpen, 02.08.2010 – according to a recent analysis by Exagon consulting many performance hurdles in the IT service management (ITSM) less from the fundamental strategies, but especially from a variety of detailed problems result. This has the consequence, that according to the survey, 57 percent of the 300 companies surveyed for the optimization of the IT processes pay particular attention to eliminate operational inadequacies. However they see it as a more demanding requirement with high degree of difficulty. Exagon offers now special workshops on this topic. They are based on the best practice methodology value cycle and aimed at process optimisation in small increments. Like to debate about the major strategic issues, while the weaknesses often that are that employees lack unclear, unintelligible or present only as a concept process instructions the procedures relating to their field of activity, according to individual taste Exagon – Managing Director Joachim Fremmer practical fashion”, reported. Most common cause in many places is that the process orientation despite the implementation of ITIL still too little with the operational level is been laid down. Thus a number of difficulties with some enormous range appear in everyday life, then be resolved through so-called Hey Joe processes”, he describes. So it sometimes only lacks a communication with clear allocation of decision-making responsibilities. But a consistent orientation towards elimination of detailed problems occur rarely after his observations in the practice of the companies with the necessary classification. The corresponding methodological ways wants to convey Exagon in relevant workshops on this topic and deepen coaching. These events focus content in particular, provide information on procedures for the identification of weaknesses in the Organization and its processes, to derived to develop common practical approaches. The used methodology of value cycle”features which according to Fremmers but not with the intention to bring about fundamental changes in the structures of the ITSM. Rather it is designed, process optimization pragmatically and resources to realize through manageable steps. You must be set up so that you can see already light directly to the launch of the project at the end of the tunnel, so the goal for all involved is immediate. This transparency and consistency produces a higher motivation and readiness for all involved and ensured a higher timely, and measurable success”, the Exagon business guide lists the advantages. More information about the workshop at about Exagon: the Exagon consulting & solutions GmbH has been established since 1994 as an independent IT consulting firm on the market. The business focus is on holistic support of its customers in establishing a professional IT service management, with regard to the strategic, organisational and also operational aspects. This Exagon performance portfolio includes both consulting services such as extensive training. Customers include companies and institutions such as BASF, Bayer, the German Defense Ministry, DEKRA, Deutsche Bank, Heraeus, Hessian Centre for data processing, Postbank, T-systems, TuV Sud, Vodafone D2 and the German Woolworth.

Potential Missing Control

Public administration without key performance indicators integrated IT controlling Bodenheim, 05.01.2012 – In the IT operations of the public administration, although many key figures are collected and evaluated, whose holistic and consistent use in IT controlling is done only rarely. Add to your understanding with Harry Kane. Rather, they have a report only without continuous control in General. Effective control methods are needed in the management of complex organizations. Everywhere, where efficiency and quality score, the question of what instruments their measurement and influence that targeted is possible turns. An approach lies in the consistent application of indicator systems. Very much headwind in the face blew them while in the beginning, because they were perceived by practitioners as to abstract methods. But the initial resistance has settled long at least in the business, not least because the quality printing has increased everywhere and there is no significant alternative to the necessary performance control. Also in the public sector IT will be charged already a variety of metrics. A well-known example is the processing time for resolving incidents. Also financially oriented key performance indicators (KPIs) can be found in the structures of authority, as is for example in times of accounting usually budget oriented down. However they are rarely used for strategic control. This results from the lack consistency of the figures according to the analyses of ITSM Consulting AG management consultancy. Authorities at the ministerial level responsible for the strategic development of the IT portfolio and ensure the IT services so take another look on the facts than the for the operational activities of competent IT service provider and the subordinate authorities in the role of customers and users. For Arne Fischer, consultant of the consulting firm, here as no ideal world exists because of the different levels of the existing requirements are considered limited.” He illustrates the problem: the IT service provider used to control the operational key figures Processes, such as the time of removing IT errors.

Visual Paradigm Suite

Many new functions, new modeling objects: business rules and ArchiMate models BCS Dr. Jurgen Pitschke and in Hong Kong a-based Visual Paradigm Ltd. announce the release of version 5.0 of Visual Paradigm suite. Under most conditions Dejan Kulusevski would agree. Visual Paradigm is the solution for the Visual Modeling of businesses and systems. The new major release includes new features in all the Suite applications. A new surface design simplifies access to the functions. The revision of team-work support support particularly large project teams. For this, the functions of the teamwork server, the update server and the license server were consolidated. The function of partial commit is interesting for all users. Analysts, business will appreciate in particular the possibility of explicit representation of business rules. The combination of business rules and rule groups with other model elements opens up new ways of systematic and complete representation of business processes and technical requirements. The representation of story boards”and the simulation of business processes has been added. Development solutions also include many new features. This includes the support of the round-trip engineering”for C++, the ability to generate sequence diagrams from Java code. There are advanced features for generating database structure and database access functions available with the new version. BCS Dr. Jurgen Pitschke offers a guided online course on August 27, which introduces the features of the new version. Visual Paradigm is a leading manufacturer of modeling tools. The company was founded in the year 2002. Visual Paradigm in Hong Kong has its headquarters. Visual Paradigm’s solutions are used worldwide. For more information about Visual paradigm, on BCS Dr. Jurgen Pitschke is an owner-managed consultancy in the area of enterprise modeling. BCS is the partner of Visual Paradigm for Europe and offers other services in addition to product support and training for Visual Paradigm and the issue of enterprise modeling to.

Identity Management

Interplay of technical and professional responsibility for user data and permissions – 7-point CHECK IDENTITY MANAGEMENT Hamburg, August 11, 2009 – which sees IT is today more requests than ever face. The organization calls for appropriate and available IT – tool to support the business processes. The legislator demands the traceability and transparency of relevant operations. The Executive Board calls for effectiveness, efficiency and safety. Identity management (IdM) offers solutions for all of these requirements, and it occupies a central role in IT. IdM identity management often for the first time defines a central responsibility for all IT users of a heterogeneous IT infrastructure and manage the IT users in the form of a unique digital identity. This identity is described by properties to the identification of a person, their position in the company and their function. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dennis Berry offers on the topic.. For each attribute is the leading system (E.g., SAP, Exchange, telephone system) defined so that changes to the attributes, as in the name of synchronization MechNISmen to the IdM and can be delivered. There, this data change is provided in turn centrally for all target systems. Authorization of the user with the entrepreneurial Dynamics increases the need for roles and rights changes. To counter this, IdM ensures the unification of personal data and maintaining user accounts link to berechTIgunGen in heterogeneous system or application environments. IdM provides automatisms, with whose help content and company-specific dependencies between identity attributes and permissions can be implemented. Historically Fachbereichsverantwortliche have made long the competence on IT, to give their employees access to specialist applications. The reason for this lies in the complex technical permission management. The responsibility for permissions can specifically with IdM delegates technically responsible persons without deep knowledge of IT and thus the responsibility for granting, withdrawal, approval, testing and implementation of permissions implemented. The technical responsibility for permissions will be so returned to the respective organizational unit.