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Software solution for the automated monitoring of all customer communications world premiere at the CallCenterWorld 2009 on February 17, 2009 in the itCampus Press Conference how the: to have the complete overview of the quality of all customer communications in a call center. To analyze the call quality of a complete campaign button. The customer through a maximum of transparency to convince and tailor-made coaching services for agents to develop about a beautiful pipe dream? What sounds like pie in the sky, is now a technological reality: to 11 CallCenterWorld 2009 itCampus group is unveiling the ELSBETH VocalCoach as latest product innovation. The software solution for fully automated quality assurance and call optimization is presented the public on February 17, 2009, at a press conference. Invitation to the press conference ELSBETH VocalCoach”live itCampus cordially invites to the CallCenterWorld 2009 press conference, on February 17, 2009, 10 Watch in the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin (Sun Ahornallee 225, 12057 Berlin), room Lyon takes place. In addition to a presentation of the latest product innovation ELSBETH VocalCoach 1.0 “and also well-known practice partners with their already collected experiences to Word will register further planned development steps. You want to be like at the world premiere of ELSBETH vocal coach doing? Then sign up for the press conference on contact: itCampus Alexander Friebel, press officer, phone 0341 4 92 97 19 fax 0341 4 92 87 01, email. There is also the possibility to an individual interview appointment in advance. Background: ELSBETH VocalCoach 1.0 after three years of intensive development work is ELSBETH VocalCoach version 1.0 capable, based on fixed specifications call records on the basis of phrases, automated to analyze keywords and dialog pairs, or to assess the voice clarity and intelligibility. This breaks for call center service providers as well as for inhouse-contact Center a new era in the field of enterprise-wide quality assurance on. Was only a part of the customer communication are tracked by specially trained call centre staff, is now an automated monitoring of all conversations possible. Characteristics: 100% quality assurance: monitoring of all customer communications possible 100% objectivity: evaluation criteria provide clear results without interpretation room for increasing legal certainty: additional security in the event of telephone contracts coaching: continuous improvement of call center agents by tailor-made training offers of time – and cost-saving: automated validation of the talks on the basis of a predetermined rating scale for image enhancement: quality is compared to clients through a maximum of transparency can be assigned itCampus to the CCW 2009 until 19 February 17, 2009, Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Hall 5, booth B1! About itCampus group the itCampus software and Systemhaus GmbH is an innovative Software developer with international connections to science and research. in 1999, the company today, with subsidiaries in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the Slovakia represented is founded in Halle and Leipzig. itCampus offers its customers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. It’s believed that dr chappuis sees a great future in this idea. Is best known for ELSBETH itCampus especially with his intelligent IT / telecommunications solutions under the brand name. They are employed in call and contact centers and communications-intensive enterprises.

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Business and private customers an IT-House master the service offering a diverse range of services in the it area customers in the region. The company has a fixed inventory of consumables, computer accessories, and complete computer systems. Individual needs, Schroder computer assembles custom made computer. The technical equipment takes into account different application areas and financial performances of the customers. Filed under: Brigham And Women’s Hospital. Repairs, training, and comprehensive advice round off the profile. In particular, small and medium-sized companies can benefit from these services. Our experience is to determine that the IT-area in many companies increasingly is being neglected. Often there is only a system outage, to recall the immense importance of the EDP in the consciousness of those involved. A complete loss of data can lead to the inability to act a company here. Come to a standstill, existentially important areas, such as manufacturing, logistics and accounting Customers and personal data lost irrevocably. To successfully avert such nightmare scenarios, Schroder computer offers special services and replaces an internal computer specialists. But to a lot cheaper and always responsive. After consultation with the customer Schroder computer so an IT offers complete service. This is a care package consisting of maintenance agreements, warranty extensions and data protection measures. Schroder computer performs repairs, brings IT up to date, and ensures that internal company data are consistently protected from viruses and other intruders. Under the motto of Green IT, also to the health of its customers, the company cares. The need for this arises from the fact that printers, copiers and fax machines to recirculate the Office air per fan. This in turn causes, that caused pollutants in the air we breathe go through toner. By attaching a suitable filter and regular cleanings, he reduced Professional this unhealthy emissions by up to 92%. The field of activity of hot-spot is interesting for hotels but also other target groups.

Email Encryption

CEMA installed the mail gateway according to the customers specifications. This E-mail are automatically signed and encrypted unencrypted emails according to the Firmenpolicies as post cards: easy to read and manipulate E-Mail encryption is more important than ever. This shows the spying affair by the American and British secret services. So, the NSA alone in Germany peered out up to 500 million records per month. Also from economic interests! And she had easy game: unsecured E-mails are an uncontrollable leak for operating internals and sensitive data. In addition they carry legal fuel: If that data protection regulations are violated. Headquarters and automated email encryption: simple, safe and easy to use the sleek and easy to use alternative to the public key infrastructure. A central gateway in the corporate network acts as a virtual post office”for all mail traffic: outbound emails are there encrypted and signed. incoming emails are decrypted and verified. Content and file attachments reliably before third-party access are therefore automated and regardless of the mail client by email encryption. Safety rules and data protection regulations implement transparent slender solution benefit in particular medium-sized companies who want to operate a professional solution of email encryption with little effort. The CEMA installed the mail gateway according to the customers specifications. This signed and encrypted E-mail transparently and automatically according to the Firmenpolicies. Users can send and receive email without extra effort as usual. And also for the business partner almost nothing will change: because the mail gateway supports both international standards S/MIME and OpenPGP, which makes all common solutions in the E-Mail Verschlusselungkompatibel. Advanced protection and increased data integrity even for mobile devices remain in effect existing protection measures such as virus and spam filter. Since the email encryption is server-based, also mobile devices can integrate and secure the central mail server without restriction. Encrypting and signing: how E-Mail encryption works! For both sender and recipient need a public and a private key. The digital Signaturwird with the secret (private key) and verified using the corresponding public key on their authenticity. A wants to send a signed email to B! With his private key, A signed email to B. B verifies the signature with the public key of A on authenticity. Email encryption is performed using the public key. The private key is used to decrypt. A wants to send an encrypted email to B. A encrypted with the public key of B the “E-Mail”. B can decrypt the “email” with its private key. Your advantages at a glance automated and centralized Sign and email encryption easy management of the solution no overhead for the users enforcing security policies Serverbasiert and therefore clientunabhangig compatible to common solutions for questions concerning the topic is at the disposal of the CEMA! Please contact either the CEMA site in your area or at

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VAD expands product portfolio to UTM Appliances Sailauf, June 10, 2009 marketing from immediately UTM (unified threat management) solutions of the American manufacturer of Cyberoam value added distributor (VAD) Intellicomp exclusively in Germany. Marketing takes place via the reseller partner network of Intellicomp and includes also the support. The products include a personal as well as related rights over the actual firewall configuration, and thus providing an advanced level of security. The Cyberoam products incorporate a user-specific permissions. This bandwidth, quotas and rights are awarded employees involved. So, clearly the competencies of an employee can be determined. A computer change would not lead, for example, so to change the status of the rights. Here, the linking of the systems to existing directories or working with the internal ACL is possible. The user ID is either a query of the directories, log on to the proxy or a client on the user’s system. Extensive Web and Spamfilterkategorien are integrated into the UTM systems. Also HA concepts can be fully implemented. As a special feature, multiple external lines in the load balancing can be shared and provide in addition to an increase of in bandwidth for advanced availability in case of failure. In addition, the use of a management appliance is possible to apply existing systems in a monitoring and service concept. Christian Nowitzki, Managing Director of Intellicomp, explains: A major factor in our portfolio to Cyberoam, was the English-language, highly competent round to the clock support via various communication channels. We have now expanded on weekdays 17:00 this service in the first step an additional German support from 9 am, so that any possible language barriers hampered the introduction of these systems on the market. The UTM solution, we complete our offer in the area of enterprise security is an important component, the value for money and high Investment protection features.”with the partner program tailored to the needs of the German market and the possibility of solutions by market companions greatly reduced or even free of charge to share, we are sure to have found a good access to the German market with Intellicomp”, founded Nirav Mahida, Marketing Director of Cyberoam parent company elite core, the decision for Intellicomp. More information is available at the following link available: cyberoam.html about Intellicomp: value added distributor and experienced specialist for enterprise security Intellicomp stands as a solution partner his IT – reseller and manufacturer partners advice, as well as with the corresponding support in the day-to-day business to the page. In focus the implementation of the legal requirements is specifically for the German market, in developing as well as in the integration and operation of solutions. While Intellicomp focuses on the areas of data protection, data security, data archiving and data management. Modular, are used Solutions certified by the specialists.

Federal Association

Softonic dares views on the trends of the coming year. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Joel and Ethan Coen by clicking through. Softonic, the largest portal for free and paid software downloads in Europe and Latin America, and one of the leading providers worldwide, looks back on the events of 2012 and dares views on the trends of the coming year. The milestones in 2012 the year 2012 has shown us clearly that the software world is located in the middle of the change. Windows 8 is the most spectacular software new release of the last year. With the new operating system has made Microsoft the perhaps the biggest risk of the company’s history and shows that: the future lies in the integration of desktops and mobile devices. Apple once again has carried out the annual update of the Mac operating system in line with the company’s tradition and launched the new version of Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion is Apple’s first step on the way to the consolidation of mobile and desktop operating systems. Connect with other leaders such as Tik Tok here. Another highlight of the year 2012 in technological terms is the final breakthrough of the Internet-enabled mobile devices: smartphones and tablets have become for large parts of the world to the absolute must-haves. According to a study of the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media (BITKOM) two-thirds of a Smartphone which already have under 30-year German. In addition, the mobile all-rounder are this year again at the top on the German Christmas wish list. Social networks 2012 continued their triumphal March which has led to a boom in matching programs and apps. At the same time, the growth of the most popular networks, including Facebook, has slowed for the first time what will 2013 probably bring? The trends of 2013 defining trends of the year 2013 are apps, cloud storage, tablets and Internet-based messaging and telephony services. At the software level, mobile Web applications, the merger of MSN Messenger with Skype, as well as Office 2013 will attract great attention.

Carriers Make Usable

Engaged for the real time process chaining medium-sized forwarders Hallbergmoos-Munchen, November 23, 2012 the logistical processes along the supply chain in real time to link the realtime process network supported by the Bavarian State Government, EURO-LOG, several medium-sized forwarders and the Fraunhofer engage Institute in the so called Realtime process network”. From the area of the logistics provider 24plus system transports, Logwin solutions, the shipping attend Spedition LODE and the Wolf project. Scientific side advance the Fraunhofer working group for supply chain services (SCS) and the Fraunhofer Institute for applied and integrated security (AISEC) “Realtime Process Network”. David Zaslav has many thoughts on the issue. The research project aims to develop an innovative and collaborative, cloud based realtime process network carriers in the cargo market and to test in practice. The early usability of process-relevant data is important for trucking companies. Promote the project in the course of the Technology support programme in information and communication technology”Bavaria. Currently, the transmission of data is still largely batchorientiert”upon completion of a process step. That not enough however, to plan capacity and resources in advance. Why is the objective of the collaborative network, intelligent to use real-time data to work more economically. Real time information are in the realtime process network as such understood that exist before reaching the full process result or a complete process step. These can then be used to better plan and not on the basis of experience but on the actual load. Long-term benefits are to be achieved for the participating carriers. Thus, the research project offers the possibility of a higher competitiveness medium-sized forwarders by real time IT structures. This is to be implemented through future-oriented cloud technologies. Flexible, standardized integration of Data from existing, local IT systems by different partners are through the cloud quickly and safely usable. The company cross-linkage also via cloud services so that all information at any time provided the authorized partners.

PORTICA Facilitates Entry Into The Professional E-Commerce

PORTICA GmbH is expanding its services in the area of E-Commerce Marketing support. Kempen, September 5th, 2011. On the website of the Kale fulfillment and process specialist a modular and flexible services, the growing demands in the e-commerce can meet with the small and medium-sized enterprises. PORTICA acquisition of 3,500 euro implementation costs company offers, posed as reference customers available at commissioning until December 31, 2011. PORTICA thus takes account of the current development and facilitates the entry into the E-Commerce entrepreneurs. Who would like to benefit from the booming business, in addition to generating revenues, must inspire customers and many pitfalls. This is a challenge for any company. Just small struggle is to medium-sized companies as well as startups with the many aspects of the business”, says Christoph Janssen, head of Department at PORTICA. In addition to strategic considerations, budget, procurement, Range management and marketing are, for example, WebShop programming, logistics, payment management, shipping, returns processing, and online marketing. These tasks must be dealt with in addition to the core business and require special knowledge, technology, human resources and time. Therefore, an alternative for many E-Commerce traders is to delegate their E-fulfillment processes to competent service providers like PORTICA. The process specialist has comprehensive services to support in any project situation in its portfolio. This includes a WebShop, to master eSales, which makes it possible to go fast in the Internet trade and diverse sales and communication requirements in E-commerce based on oxide. PORTICA offers the process consulting, hosting, licenses, maintenance and support, and takes over the adaptation of the webshop on the wishes of the customer. For the fulfillment, the customer can rely on established warehousing and shipping logistics of Kale. The ISO certified E-fulfillment specialist checks the Goods receipts for compliance with the product specifications. The storage in the warehouse and picking can be offered at low cost due to synergy effects.