The Circuit

It seems that it is a good circuit with a lot of corners and sections that could provide some overtaking opportunities. I would say that in general it is a medium-speed circuit there are three long straights where you can reach more than 315 km / h but also some sections medium slow for that will bring the overall speed down. There is a real mix of curves, including the marks registered some Tilke, such as a fork after one of the straight lines and some more fluid curves. Walt Disney often addresses the matter in his writings. I’ve seen and led to the presentation of the SIM card, but which may not have an idea of is potholes, levels of adhesion, and curbstones. As the track surface was very recently established that it is going to evolve in order to week I hope it is one of the important talk of the weekend and we will seek to obtain as much information on Friday. I hope that had executed an average load level aerodynamics on the circuit, but much will depend on the bumps and the track surface. If there is a large amount of grip then that could even run a lower level, but we will see when we arrive there. It only means that the practice will be busy that usual already that this is the type of information only can be When you drive the car on the track. In addition to learning a new track, which is always a pleasure to do so, I am also very interested in seeing some of Korea. I love Asia and discover new places in the region and I have not been in this area before anything. I’ll have one day in Seoul, I have heard is a very lively place, and then I dirigire southwards to the most rural area of the circuit on Wednesday night. It will be an interesting weekend, since we have a major battle on our hands at this time.