Ugg Australia Boots

Soles of boots made of durable material such as rubber, and natural sheep fur allows the foot to remain dry and maintain body temperature. To date, ugg represented in different colors. For example, in such colors as black, pink, blue, brown and even fuchsia. Boots are made in various models as a standard, for example, and lace. The height can also vary from "just above the ankle '(ugg mini) to" above the knee' (ugg boots). For the most part uggs shoe is made primarily from synthetic materials, but it is not always the case. Tiny corner – booties for babies are made completely of sheepskin without the use of synthetics. uggs are available in various lengths, colors and models. ugg boots as a kind of shoes do not only produce company Deckers, the production of this shoe is engaged in a huge number of companies, factories and manufactures in Australia, New Zealand, China and other countries. Natural insulating properties sheep fur ugg boots give thermoregulation properties: a thick pile of sheep fur in the inside of the boot breathable and allow it to circulate in ugg boots, allowing to keep the body temperature in uggs. This means that the Ugg Australia UGG can be worn without socks even in relatively cold weather, it means' natural internal thermoregulatory system. " Protection of animals. As one of the many products made from animal products Ugg Australia Boots has been criticized by animal advocates. In the year 2000, a group of advocates who call themselves 'boycott uggs'. Activists of the movement required to replace the natural sheep fur alternative materials are not natural origin. In 2007, Pamela Anderson has bought itself as uggs and wrote on his page on the Internet: "I thought there used haircut fleece. People who have it all the time telling me that it is – a new trend – is nonsense. Let's introduce a new trend – do not buy ugg. ' In February 2008, the Society for the Protection of Animals has put Princeton campus protest against the fur industry, in particular, the attack on the production of y, which has become popular among students and students of the college. Students lay on the newly fallen snow, portraying the death, they were dressed in the corner, stained with blood and unreal with signs: 'What would you do if you're going to be killed for your UGG? "

Limited Liability Company

Certification Center "Energy Plus" reached a new level of service in the field of certification of products, works, services and management systems. Specialists Certification Center "Energy Plus" are cooperating with Research institutes, certification bodies and testing laboratories. This provides a new level of service for certification and licensing of products and services – complex solution in certification in conjunction with the minimum terms and individual approach to each client. As shown, the short term paperwork often required both suppliers and manufacturers. Every modern entrepreneur knows that the certification of products and services is not just a fulfillment of the requirements of state standards, and effective marketing tool, which confirms quality of goods or services on the market, thereby forming the trust and respect for customers and ensuring their promotion. In Russia there are two types of certification: voluntary and mandatory. Mandatory certification of products is carried out for those goods in respect of which define mandatory requirements for quality, which in turn implies the registration certificate of conformity. Experts Centre "Energy Plus" provides complete information on the possible schemes for obtaining such certificates, which can be applied in a particular case. Client can only select the most appropriate. Certification Center "Energy Plus" quickly and effectively implemented and certified quality management system in compliance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2000), which provides efficient operation of enterprises in the region corresponding for its products. Experts of the center in just one month, conduct an examination of documents provided by the company, after which a certificate is issued, of course, if all detected discrepancies will be eliminated. Company Limited Liability Company "Energy Plus" – an accredited Centre for the certification, which includes product certification body, certification body of integrated systems quality management certification body of quality management and testing center. OOO "Energy Plus" has all the necessary certificates and certificates of accreditation, allowing the center to work on certification, licensing, registration and evaluation of hygienic products and also produce sanitary – epidemiological findings and certificates of compliance. Contact Phone / Fax: +7 (495) 502-888-2, +7 (495) 502-888-9 E-mail: Website: ICQ: 355-244-011 Address: 141 075, Moscow region, Korolev Str. Pine Alley, Building 6, Suite 6