Ollanta Humala

Alexander Toledo (Cabin, 1946) was president of Peru between 2001 and 2006, and it he has not been again because not it " dejaron". It says therefore it at least: Toledo, presidential candidate of Possible the Peru party (that liberal centrist defines itself and) was outside the second return by " a play very maquiavlica" of president Alan Garci’a, who will give the power to the winner, Ollanta Humala, next the 28 of July. The subject is sensible. In their suite in the Ritz hotel of Madrid, Toledo puts itself standing up, moves the arms and raises the voice. Everything to explain why he decided to support minute to Humala in the last, exmilitar coup participant who in 2006 counted on the support of Hugo Chavez. " Because we could not return to the past. And it seems to me that he is more near Lula than of Chvez. At least during the last month therefore pareci". Coen brotherss opinions are not widely known. Source of the news: : " I hope that it does it well to Humala, although is evident that it is not Lula"

Great Prizes

There is no even part of the circuit where the car too much, where there is succession of slow or great curves of brakings. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robert A. Iger. Here he is more everything to maintain the speed, to let run the car, things that in the modern circuits are had just a little bit lost. They are all of great accelerations and soon restrained very fuertes" , it explained. " Here nevertheless, almost the brake is not touched. A march lowers and it is followed, lowers two and is followed this fluidity at the time of piloting, aside from being in a return almost two minutes bonita&quot is a sensation very; , it indicated Alonso. " Soon he is ' Eau Rouge' , with the sensation that gives to the body of compression there you, when you are down, to a height which you do not see anything, that you are watching at the sky during a second to three hundred and tip per hour; and you are suddenly above and really begins the straight line those are sensations that in other circuits not tienes" , the pilot of Ferrari declared, that analyzed the today day. It’s believed that Coen brothers sees a great future in this idea. " They have been again training very difficult to understand things. We take four or five week ends in which Fridays are half in water, half in dry. It has been, in addition, a month of July in which the temperatures have been of 15 or 16 degrees. Now we come to Spa and returns to have rain and fifteen degrees. You are conditions are the worse ones for Ferrari with diferencia" , Alonso commented, that in the past Great Prize, the one of Hungary, celebrated his thirtieth birthday. " We have not had luck in the last Great Prizes, but with a view to the World-wide one it is certain that a difficult race with climate changes, changes of track, et cetera, for which we followed Vettel can leave to us very or and gain the race, or it can leave to us very badly and we lose very little, because or we are very atrs" , it declared. " To him if it leaves to him bad it loses just a little bit more. Tomorrow it seems that there will be variable conditions in crono, so to see if we guessed right in the election of the tires and the strategy of crono" , it indicated Alonso. Source of the news: Alonso: " Between my challenges also it is gain the victory in Spa"